Startup Weekend Bern

    Friday, November 11 - 13, 2016

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Startup Weekend Bern

Friday, November 11 - 13, 2016

Friday, November 11 - 13, 2016
Event starts at 5:30 pm

Impact Hub Bern
Spitalgasse 28
Berne, Berne 3011

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Hey! Yes, you!

Are you a creative mind willing to solve a problem? We are exactly looking for people like you, eager to contribute to solving today’s problems in our daily life, work or society. If you want to be part of change and a large network of like-minded people, feel free to join in!
Or even better: you’ve already got a brilliant idea but, alas, you’re still looking for the right people to join your team – people like you are most welcome, too!
Or do you just happen to be one of those people who always tend to think out of the box? Who’ve got a whole new approach to something that’s already out there?

We at Startup Weekend are convinced that brilliant, creative and active people with different backgrounds can achieve humongous great work! Participate in Startup Weekend Bern 2016 and you’ll see for yourself what the outcome will be when a bunch of people work on their projects for 54 hours.

And now that you’ve come so far with reading this text, you surely start wondering “errrm… this fits my profile but who exactly are they looking for? Are my skills sufficient and do I bring what they’re looking for?” – Well, lucky you, it doesn’t even matter whether you’ve got a technical or non-technical background.

Just try it out for yourself, show a little courage, buy your ticket now and become part of an unforgettable experience!

We’re looking forward to seeing you there.

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Friday November 11th

5:30 pm
Arrive at the venue and get checked in

5:40 pm
Welcome & Speakers
Review agenda for the weekend and introduce speakers, coaches, and community leaders

6:30 pm
Pitches Start
Optionally line up to give your pitch

7:45 pm
Attendees vote for the top pitches

8:15 pm

9:15 pm
team building
Teams start forming and discussing ideas

9:30 pm
Begin Work
Start to formalize teams and take an inventory of skills. Be honest, and direct about what resources and skills are needed for the weekend. You may stay and work as late as the venue will allow

10:15 pm
Beer at Kornhauskeller

Saturday November 12th

8:30 am
Breakfast & input speech
Impact Hub opens at 8.00 a.m.

9:30 am
Begin Work
Teams formed and setting up workspace for the weekend

12:00 pm

1:00 pm
Coaches help teams one-on-one. They are here to help!

6:30 pm
At 8.30 p.m. there will be a short pitching session.

Sunday November 13th

8:30 am
Brunch will take place until 1.00 p.m.

9:00 am
Pitch training & work session
work session starts at 9.30 a.m.

12:00 pm

1:00 pm

3:00 pm
Final Presentations

5:00 pm
Judging & Prizes

6:00 pm


Roderich Hess
CTI Invest Pitch Trainer & Contributor

Roderich Hess, Berater, Pitch-Trainer- und Unternehmer hat eine solide technische Ausbildung und Erfahrung mit fundiertem, betriebswirtschaftlichem Hintergrund- und Leistungsnachweis, war CEO von Montblanc Schweiz, MD von GUCCI timepieces Switzerland und Head of Marketing & Sales von Metalor Technologies SA. Heute ist er als Pitch-Trainer und Contributor von CTI Invest ein Begriff und führt er seine eigene Beratungsgesellschaft Swiss Made Consulting GmbH. Er hat mehrere der Top-100-Start-Ups der Schweiz gecoacht und geholfen, Finanzierungsrunden für verschiedene Start-Ups oder Firmen mit Restrukturierungsbedarf erfolgreich abzuschliessen und gibt auch Pitch- und Kommunikationskurse für CTI Entrepreneurship. Mit CTI Invest organisiert er dieses Jahr den 12. Swiss Startup Day. den 1. Leanday im Stade de Suisse in Bern, den 1. echten Elevator Pitch im Clouds sowie alle Swiss Venture Days.

Roderich Hess hält am Sonntag ein Pitch-Training ab, das die Teams für die Präsentation vor der Jury vorbereitet.

Event Judges

Urs Guggenbühl
Head Startup, be-advanced AG

«BSc. in Environmental Health» am Polytechnic Leeds (UK) und «MSc. in Applied Acoustics» an der University of London. Es folgte die Dissertation im Bereich Mensch-Computer-Interaktion an der ETH in Zürich. Berufliche Stationen waren u.a. die EMPA in Dübendorf, er leitete als Oberassistent eine Forschungsgruppe an der ETH im Bereich Human Factors, war als Leiter der Gruppe Ergonomie & Technologie am Technopark Zürich engagiert, war 15 Jahre als VR und CEO sowie Mitinhaber von zwei Start-up Firmen im Bereich Simulation & Training und Arbeitshygiene tätig und startete das Innovationszentrum für die Fachhochschule St.Gallen.

Nicole Herzog

Entrepreneur. Chairman of Sherpany and co-founder of Haufe-umantis AG and b-to-v Partners AG. Nicole Herzog is the co-founder and member of the Board of Haufe-umantis AG, market-leader for talent management software in the German speaking market, which was sold in 2012 to the Haufe Group a German medium-sized media and software company. In addition, she holds board positions with and coaches start-up companies and entrepreneurs. She studied law at the University of St. Gallen (HSG) and passed the Bar exam in 2010.
Currently, Nicole Herzog also works for b-to-v Partners AG and is member of the Board of VIU.

Jürg Schwarzenbach

Jürg Schwarzenbach ist im Herzen nicht nur waschechter Berner, sondern auch gestandener Unternehmer, Verwaltungsrat und Investor. 2005 wurde die von ihm mitgegründete DELEC AG an den deutschen Konzern Bechtle AG verkauft. Heute ist Jürg in verschiedenen Verwaltungsräten tätig und engagiert sich leidenschaftlich in der Berner Startup-Szene. Gewiss hat Jürg wertvolle Erfahrungen gesammelt, als Unternehmer knifflige Probleme gelöst und kennt die Chancen und Schwächen der Berner Startup-Szene wie kaum ein Zweiter.

Pascal Oegerli
COO Edorex AG, EMBA FH in General Management

In 1988, Pascal started his career as a developer of software solutions – back then with green font on a black background and 80x24 characters. In 1993 he got a job at Edorex AG where he increasingly received more responsibility on a project management and leadership level. He’s been in the managing board since 2011 and is in charge of the operational branch of Edorex (38 employees and a project portfolio of more than 100 projects, from the development of applications to large projects of several years for an entire team). “The development of our markets and our sector has been and still is enormous. Every day we have to be willing to reflect, re-invent and separate ourselves from old things. This allowed us to evolve from a software company to a digitaliser. Nowadays, you need to be an innovation enabler for your customers so that you can offer them substantial value.”

Coaches and Mentors

Stefan Flück

Stefan truly is a prime example: When he first participated in Startup Weekend Bern in 2014, he merely had an idea of what could be a good business – nothing more. Over the course of the weekend they received valuable feedback and learned basic business knowledge, for example how crucial it is to validate your idea. And, as you might’ve already guessed, the adventure didn’t stop there. The intense 54-hour weekend was only the beginning of all the hard work.
Well, it’s really paid off: Today, two years later, they’re still on the market and growing. Appentura offers personal surprises: The recipient of the surprise has no clue where his adventure will take him – via smartphone he’s lead through his journey until eventually, all is revealed.
We have talked with Stefan about why he’s so motivated to coach some of you at Startup Weekend. His response is that of a true Startup Weekender: Many times, Stefan benefits from other entrepreneur’s valuable advices. That’s why he’d like to give something back to the community, as he knows exactly what it’s like to be in your position and considers this cycle (receiving advice and giving back to others) as incredibly important.

As a former participant, Stefan’s able to provide you with first-hand experience and is eager to get to know you and your ideas. His expertise encompasses the development of digital business models, validation of ideas, building up of a scalable startup from scratch – and of course – how to successfully pitch your business (idea).

Stefan’s personal message to you guys: “I’m not kidding: SUW truly changed my life :-) This is why I love to give something back whenever I can. I’m really looking forward to Startup Weekend!”

Ksenia Tugay

Dr Ksenia Tugay is very passionate about entrepreneurship and loves helping people with brilliant ideas. Having met one of the co-organisers at Hack for Ageing Well, she was intrigued by the concept of SUW and agreed on coaching participants. As a teacher at StartInnov, a workshop for people interested in entrepreneurship, a judge at the Young startup pitch contest organised by Forum EPFL and coach at Fintech Startup Weekend Geneva, she brings a lot of experience and expertise. Ksenia will help you evaluate your idea and its feasibility. Her core strengths are marketing and Life Sciences.

Valentin Gutknecht
Marketing Manager

Please meet Valentin Gutknecht, coach at SUW Bern 2016 and marketing manager at Climeworks, a growing startup. Valentin is very keen on passing on his experiences and learnings to you. He’s been involved in several projects such as Gulliver App and Ylearn. Gulliver App was founded during a stay in Berlin and although the project is not being continued under its original name, Comundu has picked up the work of connecting backpackers. Ylearn was quite different from Gulliver App. It was a platform where users not only found out about what programming language suits them best, but were also provided with the corresponding recommended course offers. During these major projects, Valentin encountered many obstacles which he had to overcome together with his business partners. Now, Valentin wants to keep you from making the same mistakes and give you the opportunity to make new ones. Furthermore, he encourages you to get out of your comfort zone, go out and talk to potential customers – to him, it’s very important to directly test your product on the market rather than wasting time on drawing up nice plans on paper. Valentin has a lot of experience in the lean startup approach and business model canvas – moreover, as a former participant in SUW, he can give you valuable advice on what is essential when transforming an idea into a product.

Ursina Hagmann
Innovation Facilitator, Legal Advisor, Lecturer and Co-Founder of INNOPUNK

With a Masters‘ Degree in Law, awarded magna cum laude, Ursina Hagmann knows how to pursue ambitious goals. She is a lateral thinker, legal expert and entrepreneur from Switzerland. In the last 7 years, Ursina actively formed various companies, international institutions and associations in Singapore, the US and in Switzerland. Whether as an innovation consultant, legal advisor, or a facilitator of workshops, Ursina impresses with her know-how and professionalism, enriched with a punk mindset and an inspirational spirit.

As a Coach-Double-Team we can help with any legal issue - be it regulatory questions or a matter of intellectual property - as well as with a customer centered approach to innovation. We know all the pitfalls in the early stages of an innovation process. And we are professional visualizers of radical ideas.

Jean-Philippe Hagmann
Innovation Facilitator, Speaker, Lecturer and Co-Founder of INNOPUNK

Swiss/Brazilian innovator with over 8 years of experience in innovation and a background in mechanical engineering and industrial design. He adviced over 50 companies and institutions such as Swarovski, Mercedes Benz Bank and Fraunhofer Society and set up a "Avantgarde Division" for one of the largest utility companies of Switzerland. Whether as a mentor for radical innovations or as a keynote speaker awarded "Top Speaker 2013" at the ESE-Congress in Munich, Germany – Jean-Philippe Hagmann constantly scrutinizes the status quo.

Lucien Brahier

Lucien is a Co-Founder of QuercusApp, a state-of-the-art Human Resources software reinventing outdated annual reviews. Previously, he worked in consulting focusing on process optimization and digital strategies. He likes discussing all things digital.

Yacine Bouazdia
Projektassistent bei Berner Fachhochschule

The first startup event I joined was back in 2012 - immediately I was fascinated by the drive and motivation of all participants. In the following years I attended several Start-up weekends, got a scholarship for an entrepreneurs program in Munich and took business plan lectures at university. 
While all those events gave me great theoretical insights, most of the lackt the "real life" experience. So I went on and started building apps with friends, and websites with other friends and haven't stopped since then.
At SUW Bern I want to give back as much as I can, from helping to define a business model to giving insights on app development. But first and foremost I will try to push my team to work very focused until the presentation while not forgetting to have fun along the way.

Armin Eichhorn
Entrepreneur & Coach

Armin loves turning ideas into reality. His passion is for startups in the early stage when everything is to be gained, or lost. He is a founding partner in the ethical design label KANCHA, a coach to the founder of, and more. Before choosing to focus solely on being an entrepreneur, Armin worked as project manager in logistics for The LEGO Group.

Armin can add most value to a passionate team that is looking for the fastest and best-executable way to get from idea to first paying customers within 24 hours. He would love to help you turn your idea into an actual business.

Mike Kurt
CEO & co-founder of I believe in you AG

During my career as a three times Olympian (canoeing) I was always depending on coaches along my way, who were willing to help me to get better every day. Therefore I am very happy to share the experiences that I have gathered over the past four years as en entrepreneur building up (the world’s leading crowdfunding platform for athletes). I do think that I can help young entrepreneurs by challenging their concepts and find ways to turn a good idea into a solid and promising business model.

Thomas Haas
Consultant at Agilist

Creating software products is my passion. Mastering the digital
transformation is my current mission. Helping your venture with software is
my pleasure. With over twenty years of experience in designing, fixing, and
delivering all kinds of software. Throughout my career I was fortunate to
gain both: broad and deep knowledge and understanding of software

I am looking forward to

*  developing a sound business model around your idea;

*  refining the product to get the right user experience;

*  challenging the solution architecture and design to meet crazy

*  coaching on lean, agile and other methods to make your team great.

I am a consultant at agilist. and can be reached at – say

Sophie Buergin
User Insight Lead at INNOArchitects

I am a Design Thinking Coach with specialization in Design Ethnography - Swiss at heart with a global thinking attitude and the curiosity of a nosy child.

I approach challenges by applying ethnographic methods with the aim to understand lived experiences, gather thick data and manage multiple points of view. I translate cognitions from user research into strategic insights to generate innovative business concepts.

I talked about design thinking and design ethnography, run over 12 innovation projects across various industries like automotive, banking, telecommunication, software and sports industry tackled by cross-cultural teams from Switzerland, Germany, Italy, USA and the UK.

I have a passion for design methods and tools and excel at methodologies from experience research to business modeling and everything in between that challenges business people and design teams to ask questions.

My curiosity inspires me to travel and live in big cities and remote villages all around the world as I am constantly seeking to engage with people's stories and cultures.

Design Thinking. Design Ethnography. Experience Research. Needfinding. Data Analysis. Synthesis. Sense-Making. Storytelling. Design Management. Project Management. Teaching and coaching innovation teams.
Living a healthy life through sports and self made healthy food and encouraging kindness at work.

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Zoheb Iqbal

Working with startups around the world, London-based Zoheb helps to accelerate and strengthen the growth of a world wide network of entrepreneurs. From early stages of the entrepreneurial journey to innovation within industry with companies such as Aviva, Lloyds banking group,  IBM, Google and EDF as well as governmental institutes, Zoheb works to facilitate, mentor and coordinate the experience of entrepreneurs everywhere. Challenging entrepreneurs to build in intensive programs centered on action, innovation and education. Zoheb is also an architect and co-founder of several startups.

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