Startup Weekend 邁向創業之路

09/01/2015 | By Jen Lai

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在參與過 Startup Weekend 之後,有誰真得領悟出新創甘苦之後,成功的在新創路上,闖出一片天空呢?

今天要介紹的是矽谷新創團隊 Loopd 共同創辦人的 Allen。Allen 是 Startup Weekend 台灣元老級的夥伴,參加了台灣 Startup Weekend 第三屆。Startup Weekend 對他來說,是特別具有意義的活動,他也從 Startup Weekend 中得到很多能量,並且將這些能量轉換成自己往創業路上的養份,不斷的碰撞之後產生了 Loopd。

Loopd 這個產品的想法,是針對大型活動大家要互相交換名片,浪費太多紙張。而 Loopd 希望能夠藉由握手取代交換名片,來減少浪費紙張的問題。並且透過軟硬的整合,讓展場資訊流通更有效率。Loopd 利用 Beacon 的技術,並且改良 Beacon 使吊牌能做雙向溝通,當參與者的吊牌互相碰撞,就可以交換自己的名片資訊,也可以藉由 App 內的展場地圖協助參展者搜尋到附近想要認識的人。

而目前 Loopd 已獲得100萬美元的種子輪資金,朝著每月10場活動量目標邁進。

After participated in Startup Weekend, who really comprehend the Startup knowhow, and can succeed in a Startup company?

Today we introduce a Silicon Valley startup team Loopd co-founder Allen. Allen is a Startup Weekend Taiwan alumni, participated in the third Startup Weekend Taiwan. Startup Weekend is particularly significant to him, he got a lot of energy from the Startup Weekend, and convert that energy into his own for his startup company.

Loopd’s product idea is aiming at large-scale events where people exchange business cards with each other but wasting too much paper. Loopd hope to replace the exchange of business cards by shaking hands, to reduce the paper waste problem through the integration of hardware and software so that the exhibition information flows more efficiently. Loopd use Beacon technology, and improvements so the Beacon tag can perform two-way communication; when the tag participant collide, you can exchange your business card information, and find people you want to meet through the Exhibition Site Map App.

Loopd has now received $ 1 million USD seed round funding and is moving towards its monthly goal of 10 exhibitions per month.