Startup Weekend Taiwan 11 場地介紹 – 青創基地

08/23/2015 | By Howard Chao

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[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="960"]Startup Hub 行政院青創基地[/caption]

這次的場地[行政院青創基地],是由行政院及中小企業處創業育成組一起為創業者提供的一站式服務中的實體空間。行政院將金華官邸空間釋出活化以Start-up Hub概念將線上資訊結合線下實體服務。很榮幸的#SWTaiwan11將會是在剛剛8/21成立的青創基地舉辦!



The venue "Executive Yuan Startup Hub" is a one-stop service for entrepreneurs provided by the Executive Yuan and the SMEs Incubator Group. The Executive Yuan released its Jinhua residence space to use as the Start-Up Hub concept, which combines online information and offline information service. The #SWTaiwan11 is proud to hold at this venue after the Hub's August 21st opening.

If you're interested in entrepreneurship (including Startups) across thirteen ministries in Taiwan, you can come here to ask questions and learn.

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