Startup Weekend MENA for the first time

09/21/2015 | By patrick bosteels

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We collected many firsts for this edition. Some of them were rather scary to be honest. The most scary one is that we agreed to do this in 3 weeks with a holiday in between. That is immediately a good stress factor. All other firsts are just amazing. First time we organise a MENA region, and not the last one. At the same time the venue is also a first as ATÖLYE Istanbul opens his doors as coworking, makerspace at the time we have SWMENA. This will be the coolest place in Istanbul without any doubt, but more over it will be the greatest creative "do" place of Istanbul and around.

This Startup Weekend is during the week, also a first for the region to be honest, and we have a great international team coming over from Techstars!

These are a lot of reasons to participate knowing that a Startup Weekend is by far the most engaging event ever, where you combine fun with a huge learning :-)

See you!

September 30th, 2015, Startup Weekend MENA