Atom and Startup Weekend – the future of FinTech, built today!

04/24/2016 | By Erling Amble

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Atom is an app only bank for businesses and consumers. They are proud to call themselves the UK’s first bank designed for digital and optimised for mobile.

Atom is building an intuitive, transparent, personal, low cost and social bank – a bank for the digital future.


Some of the hallmarks of the Atom experience:

- One app for all

- Real time contextual information. There is no menu, as relevant contextual information is brought to the customer in the moment

- Intelligent data objects

- 3d animated experience

- Notification engine (in-App, Push, SMS, eMail)

- Real-time transactional service

- Forward looking and predicitive

- Rules engine ensures automated transactions

- Fun / engaging


All these features are key to Atom’s central goal - redefining what a bank should be. By making things straightforward, personal and ensuring great value Atom can deliver what no one else can.

With these ideas in mind Atom will be handing out one or two spot prizes to the participants who delivers the best ideas/solutions/products around these areas:

- Internet of things (connecting Atom to external device capabilities)

- iBeacon – nudge behaviour pre-purchase

- PFM (personal finance monitoring) – Setting up/managing financial goals, rewards, ‘what-ifs’, etc.

- PFM (personal finance monitoring) – Categorising spend in the best possible way (Geo location, category, brand, trends, comparisons)

- Community – lending, group payments, saving, Atom-wide and personal communities for information sharing)

Whether or not your idea touches on these points doesn’t matter. It’s of great value to all of you to know what one of the most innovative and exciting brands of the UK Fintech industry is thinking about. So keep these themes and areas of interest in mind come May 6th!


We look forward to seeing you there. Get the last few tickets here

The Startup Weekend Team and Atom Bank.