Sheffield Startup Weekend – 2-4 June Demo List!

06/04/2017 | By Harriet Holman

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Here are the amazing teams and what they are building this weekend at Startup Weekend Sheffield 2-4 June 2017.

Awesome Ever After

Online children's stories giving a modern twist to traditional tales with interactive problem solving and choose your own endings.

Fair-Minded Jobs

A unique employment agency helping future employees with mental health issues find work in the tech industry whilst educating employers about how they can make their workplaces a better place for these people to work.

F**k off Fund

The F**k off Fund helps you GTFO ASAP when you're in trouble abroad. A chatbot that holds your hand through the stressful process of getting home, giving you a logistics plan when you're too distressed to think straight.

HomeGrown Britain

HomeGrown Britain reconnects you with your farmer to help you understand where your food is coming from. It gives you the ability to be able to choose high-quality farmers and get your produce straight to your door.



Muze App

Muze App aims to make the world a richer place, adding value to and working with museums and exhibitions. Increasing engagement through augmented reality and enabling a new community of ad-hoc exhibitions.


Live with a host and learn a language through a culturally immersive experience. Making it easier for people who want to learn a language to 'actually' learn it.