The GSB2015 Hashtag Battle Has Begun!

11/12/2015 | By

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If you have been to either of our previous Startup Weekends, you will know all about the hashtag battle.

All of the Startup Weekends taking place over the two weekends around Global Entrepreneurship Week have the chance to take part in The Global Startup Battle and a friendly, (but very competitive!) part of this is the GSB Hashtag Battle.

This is your chance to help us show the world what we're up to and what a great community Swansea is!

What is the Hashtag Battle?

A friendly competition between cities and a way for everyone in the community to get involved while teams at Startup Weekend build away on their new startup.

When is it happening?

The battle begins Thursday, 12th November at 8am PST and will end on Tuesday 1st December.

How to participate:

It's super simple - any tweets you send out to/about Startup Weekend Swansea, make sure you include the hashtag #SWS2015

Keep on eye on how we're doing by heading over to the Hashtag Battle page and see where we rank and follow the greater global conversation.

This year you can also view where we stack up against other Startup Weekends taking place on the same weekend.  We are competing with some major cities, including Lyon, London, Toyko and Paris.

Anything else?

Yes! We will be closely watching who is helping us rise up through the ranks and there will be a token of gratitude (read: awesome prize) for the person who is the most prolific user of the #SWS2015 hashtag.

Why not click on the button below to get started...

Tweet: I’m cheering on @swanseasw to win the #GSB2015 hashtag battle! #sws2015 -


Important Notes:

  • Please be a good citizen and don’t tweet nonsense just to drive up numbers.
  • Be aware that we will experience bot attacks throughout the battle, if you see this, please send the offending handle to and we will blacklist them.
  • If you don’t see your event on the Hashtag Battle by Regions, it’s because we don’t have a hashtag on record for you. Please contact your Organizer and have them reach out to so we can get an official hashtag on file for you.
  • More than anything, this should be about a lively global conversation, please ask yourselves “Does this tweet add value?” before you send it.


  • No paying for tweets in any form. Organic content only.
  • No paying for people to tweet for you
  • No Twitter bots, if any bots or automation is used, we may remove your city from the competition
  • Nothing automated whatsoever!
  • Tweet content must be related to GSB and your Startup Weekend event (no useless content just to get a tweet out)