Business ideas pitched and selected at Startup Weekend Athens

10/23/2015 | By Barbara Donohue

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Nineteen of the 35 Startup Weekend participants pitched 20 ideas for innovative products and businesses. Then, everyone voted to select the seven ideas to be developed during the rest of the weekend.


They used Post-It notes to indicate their preferences. (Note: Post-It  manufacturer 3M is a Startup Weekend sponsor.)

The winning ideas (listed in alphabetical order by their initial working titles) are:

  • Cube Cycle – recyclable or reusable plastic packaging to reduce the use of corrugated cardboard
  • Interactive Training – sensor-based feedback for martial arts practitioners
  • Laundry Caddy – a carrier for all the items needed to do laundry, aimed at college students
  • Make a Profit in 49 Hours – just what it says, not specifying how – yet
  • Tinter – controllable tinting for automobile windshields
  • Uniculture – an app that offers ways for different communities to engage with each other
  • Water-Yeah – a method for producing clean water

The participants formed into teams to pursue these ideas, which they will develop and validate during the day on Saturday. On Sunday, each team presents its product and business model and the Startup Weekend judges choose the winners.

More than 200,000 aspiring entrepreneurs have attended Startup Weekends in hundreds of cities worldwide.