Startup Weekend Brainstorming Session

10/27/2016 | By michelle house

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The Innovation Center Startup Weekend continues, and you can feel the excitement from both the coaches and the team members. Last night was the first day and people had the opportunity to form teams around business ideas that they came up with within minutes! Since then, the teams have been meeting to brainstorm how they can turn their ideas into money.

[caption id="attachment_46373" align="aligncenter" width="565"]Craft IPA Group Group 3 hard at work.[/caption]

This year, there are three teams that are competing. The first team is working on Homeless prevention, and the second team is developing a ' dining hall hacks' app, while the third team is developing a strategy for delivering IPA beers. Each of these teams have a room to themselves for the duration of the Startup Weekend, and has access to coaches who have the entrepreneurial expertise to guide their ideas.

[caption id="attachment_46382" align="aligncenter" width="375"]Group 2 generating future ideas from past and present. Group 2 generating future ideas from past and present.[/caption]

The Homeless prevention team spent the day brainstorming on who their customer segments would be and how they would structure the way they provide assistance.

[caption id="attachment_46375" align="aligncenter" width="375"]Group 2 working hard to fight Veteran Homelessness. Group 1 is working hard to fight Veteran Homelessness.[/caption]

The dining hall hack team was brainstorming their value proposition to make it both appealing and affordable.

[caption id="attachment_46380" align="aligncenter" width="375"]Group 2 Group 2 brainstorming ideas to improve culinary services.[/caption]

The IPA beers team was brainstorming their business focus and some of the challenges that they may have to consider with the alcohol business.Group 3 listens intently to gain insight. Group 3 listens intently as Leslie shares advice and insight. 

This promises to be an exciting weekend!

By: Abena Agyei-Boateng and Michelle House