Top Ten Reasons to Attend Startup Weekend Athens

02/16/2015 | By Katie Quinn

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Top 10 reasons to participate in Startup Weekend Athens on March 13-15:

1. Launch a business!

2. Gain valuable insight from our coaches who have experience working with aspiring entrepreneurs.

3. Meet potential co-founders and business partners.

4. Collaborate with like-minded individuals to come up with an innovative idea. Then, find out if the idea has traction and how best to position yourself to make it reality.

5. Build your network. Meet creative, innovative people with whom you can solve problems.

6. Meet amazing judges and mentors and hear great feedback.

7. Learn a new skill. You'll be fully emerged in all things startup, from marketing to technical development, and from design to pitching.

8. Get inspired by a group of entrepreneurs just like you.

9. Win cash prizes and make your idea happen.

10. Find out what you excel at in 54 hours. Spend the weekend perfecting your networking, pitching and brainstorming ideas.

Buy your ticket for the best weekend of your life NOW.