Team, Team, Team: Welcome Tyler Scriven to Techstars Atlanta

04/13/2016 | By Michael Cohn

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At Techstars, we are often asked the question, “what do you look for in a startup?” Our answer is “team, team and team,” (followed by market, progress and idea). Today I’m excited to announce my teammate and partner in Techstars Atlanta, Tyler Scriven, who will be joining as Director.

Most recently, Tyler helped scale the Silicon Valley-based software company Palantir. Titles at Palantir are fleeting, but suffice to say, Tyler did some pretty impressive things while there. After overseeing the operations of the business through a period of tremendous growth, Tyler relocated to Atlanta late last year. He and I met as investors in the same company, and quickly hit it off. I’ve gotten to know Tyler very well since then and I couldn’t be more excited to have him on board as my partner on this journey with Techstars.

Offering Founders a Diverse Set of Experiences

When you’re launching a startup, it’s generally a good idea to look for different strengths in your founding team members. The same idea most certainly applies to building and growing the Techstars program in Atlanta, which is why I’m so thrilled about partnering with Tyler.

Tyler and I certainly have a lot of similarities and share many of the same ideals, but our skills and backgrounds are actually quite complementary to one another, making us what I’d like to think is the perfect team.

Take, for example, our experience growing companies. As one of the co-founders and CEO of Cloud Sherpas, I grew the company from its inception to our first million in revenue, 10 employees, and first round of funding from Hallet Capital. I remained on the senior leadership team until the sale of our company. Tyler had a somewhat opposite experience at Palantir. When he joined the company, it was at about 100 employees. It then grew to over 2,000 employees during his tenure, in large part due to hiring he did and acquisitions he led. In other words, I’m the zero-to-one guy and Tyler is the one-to-scale guy, and that means together we can offer the organizations that come through Techstars the entire package.

Recruiting Talent and Ideas from Across the Spectrum

Tyler also brings a unique perspective to the table that complements my own. Whereas I’ve built most of my relationships in the south and along the east coast, Tyler is extremely well-connected out west. This geographic diversity creates a powerful opportunity for us to tap into his Silicon Valley roots and create a deep connection between the Atlanta startup community and the Valley.

Additionally, Tyler understands the value of having a diverse class of entrepreneurs come through the Techstars program, and I have no doubt that he will be an ardent champion for diversity in all forms, be it technology, geographies or anything else.

Playing to Our Strengths

Finally, I’m excited about the personality that Tyler brings to the table. From his strength as a communicator (Tyler has the rare ability to think clearly and calmly under pressure and set his emotions aside when necessary) to the surprising path he took to get where he is today (Tyler majored in architecture in college — I know, I wouldn’t have guessed it either!), Tyler is really an artist underneath it all. I often think of myself as an artist too, and I have no doubt that the creativity with which that comes will prove a valuable asset as we grow the Techstars program in Atlanta.

Welcome to the Team, Tyler

As complementary as Tyler and I are in so many areas, we’re entirely both aligned with each other and the larger Techstars program on the mantra of #givefirst.

For these reasons and so many more, I could not be more thrilled to have Tyler as my partner and to take this journey with him. Together, I am certain that we will have an indelible impact on those who come through our program, contribute to Atlanta in a meaningful way and build one of the most powerful nodes in the Techstars system.

What’s Next?

I’ve had a busier month ramping up with Techstars than I’ve had in a very long time. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s in store:

  • Applications are open: Our immediate focus is on recruiting great companies, and we want to see everything there is to offer. Got something to bring to our attention? Start your application today.
  • See you next week in Israel: On a quest for a truly diverse program, I’m going to tech-savvy Israel to spread the word about Techstars Atlanta. I’ll be in Tel Aviv next week, where I’m hosting a panel discussion with Israeli founders who came through different US Techstars programs, followed by a happy hour. I’m super interested in meeting companies, so if you’re in the area, check out the event page to learn more and join us. Thanks to @lironrose and @wolkomir for helping to coordinate!
  • April 28th at Atlanta Tech Village: Thanks to our friends at ATV for hosting! Tyler and I lead a Techstars Atlanta information session in the Speakeasy Board Room starting at 5pm. Details and beer to follow.
  • Stay tuned for more events: We’ll be hosting more information events in the coming weeks, so check in with me on Twitter at @cohnhead for announcements about where to find us.

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