Thank You Mentors & Coaches

10/25/2014 | By Israel George

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The Startup Weekend Bellevue Team is grateful for the support of local community Mentors and Coaches.

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Mentors & Coaches:

Sujal Patel:

Keynote Speaker/Technology Executive

Diane Najm:

Founder at PhotoPad/ The Founder Institute/Olive Crest

Lynne Robinson:

City of Bellevue Council Member/Physical Therapist Educator

Jody Laflen:

Dean of the Institute for Business and Information Technology at Bellevue College

Richard Wang:

CEO at Coding Dojo/Leader, Innovator, Investor, Speaker, Mentor

Nilesh Londhe:

Founder, Creator, Investor at Cloud Genius

Brayden Olson:

Entrepreneur and CEO at Wilhelm Enterprises/Recurrence Inc/CEO of Novel Inc./Computer Software

Sanjay Puri:

Co-Founder, Partner at 9MileLabs/VP, Product Marketing/Hewlett-Packard/Microsoft Corporation

Matt Dyor:

Co-Founder and CEO at Payboard/Microsoft Accelerator powered by Techstars/Microsoft/Azazoo Inc.

Janis Machala:

Managing Partner at Paladin Partners/Senior Business Executive/Corporate Director/Entrepreneur and Executive Coach

Colin Christianson:

Founder & CEO at Tenacious Ventures/Team Up for Nonprofits/Young Entrepreneur Social/Tenacious Ventures

Brandon Bazemore:

CEO at Persephone/Fairplay Inc/Sound Mortgage Inc/ New Outlook Financial Group Inc.

Marek Brejl:

Founder of Coding with Kids/Leaping Llama Labs/Microsoft/Vital Images

Josh Breeds:

Founder at Served By the Net/JET Aeronautics/SubTerra Inc./Blue Frog

Joe Wallin:

Partner at Davis Wright Tremaine LLP/DLA Piper US LLP/Gray Cary Ware & Freidenrich/Seattle University School of Law

Ram Dutt:

CEO & Co-Founder at Meylah/Jobs for America's Graduates/Electric Blue Motors/BGlobal Norcal LLC/OMRC Inc.

Alvin Loh:

Founder at Jobvention/Business Development/Kirkland Software Company/Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America/Tech Development

Rashmi Joshi:

CEO & Founder of Evalise/Nurego/Marketing Specialist/Vega Performance Marketing/Vega Consulting LLC

Madhu Singh:

Chief Legal Officer at Foundry Law Group/MK Singh Law Office/Seattle University/Albers School of Business/Peterson Law Clinic

Ajoy Krishnamoorthy:

Director, OEM Segment Marketing at Microsoft/Loyalty/Microsoft Independant Consultant/Technical Industry Director

Dave Parker:

VP Product, UP Global, Tech CEO, Founder, Mentor & Board Member

Keil Larsen:

Attorney at Law, Business Development Professional/Equinox Business Law Group PLLC/Keil Larsen, Attorney at Law/PSC Healthcare Services/VWR International LLC

Sue Grinius-Hill:

Technology Strategic Planning/Product Design & Development/Product Release & Support/Pelindaba Global LLC/ApprenNet LLC/ARI/Microsoft - Business Productivity

Seijen Takamura:

Regional Manager, UP Global

Bryan Trussel:

CEO of Glympse Inc./Computer Software/Director/Microsoft

Mukund Mohan:

Microsoft Ventures/Executive and Management Roles/Internet & Enterprise Software/Marketing/Founder of BuzzGain

Robert Lee:

Career Entrepreneur/Crowdfunding/Startups/Philanthropic Projects

Dinesh Haridas:

Founder of TripTips/Storage Technologies/Cloud Computing/Microsoft

Shannon Hulbert:

CEO and founder at Redbridge, Inc./ Founder of the Inter-Tribal Energy & Tech

Eric Hulbert:

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Opus Interactive

Sam Menaker:

Vice President of Customer Engineering/Chief Software Architect VoiceBox Technologies Corporation

Leslie Feinzaig:

Vice President of Product Management at Julep

Kyle Barber:

Business Strategy Leader

Cyrus Habib:

Representative of Washington's 48th District/Washington State Legislature

Rajeev Singh:

President and Chief Operating Officer, Concur/Concur Technologies