Instant Insights for Startup Weekend

02/15/2018 | By Haley Allgood

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Customer development, talking to humans, surveys, focus groups. If you don’t believe talking to potential customers and incorporating their feedback in your new business is important, simply do a Google search on the topic. The number one reason startups fail is that they build something no one wants.

Many startup founders get so excited by their initial concept that they forget to actually go talk to customers. Inevitably, the value of customer feedback ends up being one of our most common conversations with new entrepreneurs at Startup Junkie. Our go-to resource for training on customer development is the e-book: Talking to Humans. Not a book person? It comes with hilarious cartoons by Tom Fishburne, like the one below.

We tell our clients to go read this book, craft questions, and then survey 100 people who aren’t their friends. I imagine that their next couple of weeks look a bit something like the episode from Silicon Valley when Pied Piper needs to pivot.

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How can you realistically get feedback from customers in only a weekend? It’s simple; we will be using Field Agent. If you haven’t heard of this Fayetteville-based company, you should check out the video of their founder Rick West on the City of Fayetteville’s Startup City of the South website.

Field Agent gathers data and insights from consumers around the world. Much of Field Agent’s business (being from NWA) is focused on Mobile Audits in retailers (check out some of their cool case studies from Onyx, Fayettechill, and Amazon). Their solution allows you to identify your business problem and quickly build out your survey or audit. Choose the locations you'd like to target and how many responses you'd like to gather. Launch your job across the U.S. to over 1.2 million Agents. The data is collected in hours and days rather than weeks and months!

Megan and I met with Cory and Donny from the Field Agent team today. For NWA Startup Weekend, they’ve loaded us up with an account to survey up to 1,000 people! You will be able to create questions ranging from a simple yes/no, star ratings, price sensitivity, or you could even get potential customers to take a video to share their thoughts. They built in really cool tools like demographics filters, heat maps, skip logic, and more to make sure your results are providing actionable insights. Donny will be on call Saturday to launch your surveys to their network of Agents. He tells us results could be generated in as little as 20 minutes after the survey launches. Talk about real-time data that you can use in a weekend.

Field Agent makes data collection fast, easy and affordable. NWA Startup Weekenders, get excited; March 9th is coming up soon!

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