Parking for Startup Weekend Billings at Rocky Mountain College

01/21/2015 | By Danny Choriki

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[caption id="attachment_24044" align="alignright" width="210"]Losecamp Hall at Rocky 2015-01-13 10.43.31 Front entrance to Losecamp Hall at RMC. From the Poly Drive parking lot.[/caption]

Parking for Startup Weekend should be simple. From Rimrock Road, the nearest lots are the ones on either side of the Billings Studio Theater. While the one east of the theater is closer, there is no cleared sidewalk connecting the parking lot to the campus sidewalks. So the preferred parking lock is the RMC lot west of the theater. The sidewalk heading south (next to the theater) takes you to the Student Center and Losecamp Hall is the next building to the east.

From Poly Drive, take the eastern most entrance (there are two side by side in the middle of the campus). This takes you to the dormitory parkParking at Rockying lot which is directly in front of Losecamp Hall. Attached is a map Parking at Rocky in pdf format and a picture of the front of Losecamp Hall.

You will not need a parking sticker for the weekend. If for some reason you do get a parking ticket, give it to one of the organizers.