Who should attend Startup Weekend Blacksburg?

09/22/2014 | By Charlie Jewell

This post originally appeared on blog.up.co

If you’re wondering if you should attend Startup Weekend Blacksburg 2014 (Oct. 3 to 5), here a some examples of people who should sign up.

1) Entrepreneurs or people with a great business idea! If you’ve thought of a great business but you haven’t been able to get it off the ground on your own, Startup Weekend is a great place to start. You’ll have a team of people all helping you create and launch a successful business, all in 54 hours.

2) Software Engineers, Coders and Developers. If you don’t have an idea, but you’re a developer, you should attend! Almost every business idea needs a developer (or two) to help get it off the ground. Not to mention that Startup Weekend Blacksburg will have a gigabit connection via TechPad.  That means you'll be able to build apps using connection speeds that are 100 times faster than the average Internet link and can boost productivity by 10X or more for those who create in the cloud.  Incentive enough for any developer to attend!

3) Marketing enthusiasts. If you love marketing and can think quickly on your feet, come to Startup Weekend! During the event, you’ll work quickly to reach out to the community to see if your team’s idea is viable. Teams do on-the-spot market research, creating surveys and putting them out on social media, and then analyze the data to help define and form their business. Marketing professionals also play a huge role in how the business will be branded and talked about after launch. You’ll go back to work on Monday exhausted, but excited to bring some new ideas in to what you already do.

4) Graphic Designers. Whether it’s a product or a website, Startup Weekend teams need designers to help with this process. By the end of the weekend, teams should have a functioning website and/or a product model to show the judges!

5) Lovers of All Things Startup. Maybe you don’t have an idea (or maybe you have too many), but you love the world of startups. Whether you have experience with startups or not, every team needs people who are excited about startups and who will help motivate and inspire.

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