FREE Startup Weekend Boot Camp Series

09/15/2014 | By Charlie Jewell

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Expand your startup skills tool belt, meet incredible people, and and set yourself up for success at Startup Weekend Blacksburg 2014. In preparation for Startup Weekend Blacksburg, a 54 hour frenzy of business model creation, coding, designing, and market validation, Startup Weekend Blacksburg is offering a FREE series of bootcamps focused on building your startup toolkit.

These events are designed to integrate you into the startup mindset and build your comfort level with entrepreneurial skills. If you’re not sure whether to attend Startup Weekend Blacksburg, this is a great opportunity to test the waters. Each topic is self-contained, so feel free to attend any or all of the bootcamps.


Rapid Android Development

Date: Wednesday, 9/24/2014

Location: TechPad, downtown Blacksburg

Cost: FREE

Speaker: Bill Rascher; Director of Software Engineering, Atomic Axis

Want to get your hands dirty developing a mobile application? This bootcamp is focused on the basics of Android development. We’ll focus how to quickly prototype and work with fast iterations to turn your idea into reality as quickly was possible. Building is a major part of Startup weekend, so this event will set you up for success.

For more information about the Rapid Android Development Bootcamp or to register, visit


The Art of Pitching

Date: Wednesday, 9/30/2014 at 6 PM

Location: Techpad, downtown Blacksburg

Cost: FREE

Speaker: Bob Summers; Chief Geek, Fitnet

How do you sell your idea in a matter of seconds? The process of pitching is an art that is best mastered with practice. Learn what makes an engaging and effective pitch, and have an opportunity to pitch for feedback.

For more information about the Art of Pitching Bootcamp or to register, visit


Crafting a Mobile Apps

Date: Wednesday, 10/1/2014 at 6 PM

Location: TechPad, downtown Blacksburg

Cost: FREE

Speaker: Alexander Obenauer; Co-founder & CEO, Mindsense

Are you passionate about what cool things people can do on their mobile devices? Learn about the process of creating a mobile application from the ground up. We’ll go through the process of ideation, refining, designing a user experience, and prototyping.

For more information about the Crafting Mobile Apps Bootcamp or to register, visit