Announcing Clement Cazalot as Managing Director for the Techstars Boston Accelerator

05/03/2017 | By Clement Cazalot

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Since 2009, the Techstars Boston Accelerator has helped launch and fund more companies than any other Techstars program in the world: 134 startups, $715 million in total funding, 19 successful exits and 95 startups are continuing to grow with more than a thousand employees overall, creating one of the most vibrant and dense entrepreneurial networks.

This community of alumni makes Boston a very special place. We want Techstars to continue to leverage this vibrant group to help new entrepreneurs achieve their dreams and do more faster.

As part of this ever growing network, I will be joining as the next managing director of the Techstars Boston Accelerator. In 2012, I was the CEO and cofounder of docTrackr, a company that went through the Techstars program in Boston and was among the first exits of the program. Semyon and Eveline will lead a new mission-driven fund to back immigrant entrepreneurs in Boston. Ty Danco will remain with the program as Mentor in Residence, and will also work with other Boston startup programs.

Boston Is One of the Best Cities to Launch a Startup

The city has changed, for the better, since the Techstars Boston Accelerator first started in 2009.

It is easier than ever to raise capital and recruit top talent from other successful startups and alumni from the best universities in the world. Even Mark Zuckerberg said, “if I were starting now, I would have stayed in Boston.”

There are over 50 entrepreneurial programs all around the city, from accelerators and specialized incubators, to incredibly dynamic co-working spaces and university programs.

Boston also has a very active angel network complemented by a VC industry that is reinventing itself to focus more on the earlier stages of the tech and biotech innovations, which enables quick access to funds at all stages of development.

Working With the Best Talents, From Everywhere

In this ecosystem, the Techstars Boston Accelerator will be focused more than ever on great founders and early stage companies from the New England Area and beyond.

We have an opportunity to attract new talents in the city and present reasons for all the bright minds coming to study in Boston to stay. I arrived in Boston as a foreigner to join Techstars and fell in love with the city. I understand the challenges of bringing new, fresh talent into the city, and the even bigger lift of keeping them here! Boston is a welcoming city with immigrants and entrepreneurs from all around the world working together.

What's Next?

The next class of the Techstars Boston Accelerator will begin in January 2018. We decided to take our time until the next program to get Techstars even more ingrained into the Boston ecosystem and leverage the alumni network even more.

Over the next seven months, we will focus entirely on the local entrepreneurial community.

The goal will be to build more ties with all the other programs to collaborate (continuing on current efforts to share the best mentors to improve the overall quality of the ecosystem), bring even more entrepreneurship events to Boston (by relaunching Startup Weekend in the area, a fantastic event that is part of the Techstars family) and continue to help all entrepreneurs succeed by focusing on the #givefirst mentality of Techstars!

Boston is a great city, where big ideas come to grow with the support of the smartest people in the world. Join us to bring yours to the next step of the journey! Reach out if Techstars can help you in Boston!