Boston SWEDU Pitchfire Results! 30 Ideas, 9 Finalists to Form

11/10/2017 | By Christopher Nyren

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Boston Startup Weekend Education kicked off Friday night with 30 ideas for education innovation from attendees.  After a round of 1 minutes pitches, organizers tabulated participant peer votes, leaving 9 ideas to advance to seek to form teams.  These pitchers were then left to flesh out their ideas and attempt to recruit sufficient teams to actually build these out over the weekend!

Here were our top ideas advancing to team formation:

  • Achieve Financial Freedom Together: pitched by Nancy out of her own experience seeking to learn to save and invest having come to the US from China but addressing universal issues of financial literacy by building a freemium financial education platform for Millennials, who despite strong average incomes have below average savings levels.
  • EDscursion: pitched out of an educator's real life experience managing field trips for a rural classroom, this online platform would simplify and plan student learning excursions.
  • FeedLoop: pitched by Jeff, an educator turned developer seeking to build a student peer feedback platform for the classroom that adapts models employed by developers to write code.
  • "Google Analytics for EDU": Pitched by Parviz who out of his decade of experience serving on the board of a local school, sees the need to build a platform that truly tracks learning effectiveness (sentiment analysis, sensor networks, machine learning)
  • Mindful Testing VR: pitched by John,a first year MBA at MIT, with 5 years of development experience at Microsoft, to address test taking anxiety. With 16-20% of students experiencing debilitating test taking anxiety levels, this platform will replace paper based testing with a VR environment for off-site test taking.
  • Quick Deck: pitched by Al, a medical adaptive test prep entrepreneur to create a simple, automated flashcard generator utilizing a Chrome extension for users to highlight given website content which will automatically link to a content library and auto-populate a digital flashcard template.
  • Reskill Me: pitched by Neel, a venture capitalist originally from London, as a skills training platform targeted those threatened to be left behind by Globalization in a post-Brexit world.
  • Super Moms: pitched by Alex (another Brit!) online career platform for reintegrating recent maternity / paternity leave parents into the workforce.
  • Teacher Licensure Tracker:  pitched by Cara, a teacher turned UX designer, this is an administration platform for storing and tracking teacher certifications and licenses.