Startup Weekend Boulder - Space 2019

    Friday, September 27 - 29, 2019

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Startup Weekend Boulder - Space 2019

Friday, September 27 - 29, 2019

Friday, September 27 - 29, 2019
Event starts at 5:45 pm

University of Colorado Boulder
2445 Kittredge Loop Dr.
Boulder, CO 80309

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Your idea in 54 hours

Do you have an idea you'd like to pursue or a problem you'd like to solve but don't know where to start or who to start with? 

Techstars Startup Weekend is the place to look for a team, create a prototype of your idea, validate your business idea, and receive feedback from experienced entrepreneurs, all in one weekend.

What do you need to bring?

Lots of energy! You'll pitch your own idea or listen to others, then vote on the most interesting ideas and form teams with diverse skill sets. You can come with friends, but you’ll get the full experience if you participate in separate teams. Remember, it’s all about the team.

Your idea should be something you have not previously worked on. The idea you pitch and the problem you set out to solve can span social, educational, financial, environmental, or other issues. Over the course of the weekend you'll be challenged to create a prototype of your MVP, or minimum viable product, that fits the needs of your target customer. You'll get feedback, iterate, and likely pivot your approach entirely! Important: You cannot have worked previously on your idea.

Techstars Startup Weekend is a full weekend long experience. Your ticket includes:

  • 7 full (and delicious) meals over the course of the weekend
  • Benefits and discounts from our global partners
  • One-on-one time with amazing mentors
  • A new network of developers, designers, and entrepreneurs eager, like you, to change the world.
  • All the internet and coffee you can consume.

Watch the video below to see what you can expect, and if you’re feeling inspired click on the “Buy Ticket” button now!

Still have questions, feel free to reach us at “”.

Don’t wait any longer and join the Techstars Startup Weekend movement!

No talk, all action!

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Friday September 27th

5:45 pm
Arrive at the venue and get checked in!

6:15 pm
Dinner & Networking
Eat a delicious dinner, share ideas, and get to know your fellow participants.

7:00 pm
Welcome & Speakers
Our awesome facilitator Julian Miller will give you a warm welcome, and our Keynote speaker will for sure inspire you!

7:45 pm
1-Minute Idea Pitches
The beginning of something great!

8:20 pm
If you like that idea, then you should put a vote on it (Read to Beyonce's Single Ladies)

9:00 pm
Teams form
Need a team? Broadcast your idea and/or your skills to the room!

10:00 pm
Begin Work
We will give your team a spot to work during the weekend, and then you will get to brain-storm and work as a team for the first time!

Saturday September 28th

8:00 am
Did we say we will feed you the entire weekend? Rise and shine with breakfast ready for you!

9:00 am
Technical Panel
Your team will have the chance to ask aerospace experts about the technological aspects of the team's idea. What an opportunity!

12:00 pm
What? More food? Eeeh, YEAH! And it is all included in your Startup Weekend ticket!

3:00 pm
Mentoring sessions
Now that you had the opportunity to ask the technical questions and do some work on your own, you get the chance to get business insights! This is where your idea turns into gold!

6:30 pm
Yep, one more meal under that belt!

7:30 pm
After-dinner check-in, status reports, call for help

10:00 pm
Finished for the day. You may stay and work as late as the venue will allow

Sunday September 29th

8:00 am
1 Ticket = 7 meals + a great weekend. Now, that's a deal!

10:00 am
Practice your final pitch
This is the first opportunity your team will have to tell your story. Don't worry, the mentors will be there to guide you in the process!

12:00 pm
We promise! We will only give you one more meal after this one :)

5:30 pm
Final Presentations
Go ahead! Show off all the work your team accomplished during the weekend. It is going to be magical!

6:30 pm
So sad, this will be our 7th and last meal together :( Hope you enjoy ALL THAT FOOD!

7:00 pm
Judging & Awards
Winners are announced and good-byes are said, but we hope this is not the end. Just the beginning of something great! (Oh, wow, does that rhyme?)

7:30 pm
Ok, you get to celebrate. Take it easy, though! Tomorrow is Monday.

8:30 pm
Go Home!
We hope that is self-explanatory!


Vanessa Clark
Co-founder and CEO @ Atomos Space

The space industry is a realm for the inquisitive, the creative, the adventurous and the profit-oriented! I want to work towards developing the technology and business models required to make space accessible to all who share this sentiment. 

Coaches and Mentors

Genah Burditt
Co-founder at Blue Foot Engineering and Partner/COO at EyasSat, Inc.

 Genah M. Burditt, is Partner and majority owner of EyasSat, LLC and Co-
Founder and COO of Blue Foot Engineering.

Burditt is a lifelong educator and scientist, turned entrepreneur. After many
years contributing to the nonprofit community (Natural Resource Conservation
Service, Denver Museum of Nature & Science, US Forest Service) as an
educator, supervisor, and program manager; and, co-founding a business in a
small mountain community, Burditt returned to the Colorado Front Range and
commenced a new pursuit, one that capitalized on these experiences, and,
which would create a family legacy.
In 2013 Burditt joined her father, Gerry Murphy, an aerospace veteran, to take
EyasSat Desktop Satellite Simulators to the next level, developing new
product lines and a global customer base. These simulators one of kind for
providing cradle to grave, hands on experience in design, build, test, and flight
operations for spacecraft. They are used for education/professional
development commercially, in academia, and for government entities. Burditt
and her team assemble these units in EyasSat’s lab on the Metro State
University of Denver’s campus. In addition to managing assembly, integration,
testing, sales, hiring and customer training, Burditt also manages and
contributes to R & D for new generations, products, and test beds.
After spending several years getting to know the local and global aerospace
communities, Burditt, began to observe a fissure in the industry between
independent, highly skilled and specialized engineers and the customers who
need their skill sets. A fissure that no existing organization seemed to be
Therefore, she co-founded Blue Foot Engineering to advocate for small
aerospace companies and vetted specialists while creating the richest
network of talent in the industry and making it visible and accessible to the

end customer. Burditt is tasked with recruiting talent, project procurement, and
program management.
Burditt has been published in multiple sources, including

Eligar Sadeh
Founder/President @ Astroconsulting International

Eligar is an Aerospace Professional and is Founder/President of Astroconsulting International. He develops and supports STEM based innovation and entrepreneurship, and empowers space, defense, and environmental projects with the critical skills to optimize outcomes. Eligar is a technical and business development consultant, Editor of the academic journal Astropolitics, and adjunct professor teaching courses in astrophysics, aerospace engineering, technology development, and program/project management. He has held professorships in the Center for Space Studies at the University of Colorado; College of Aerospace Sciences at the University of North Dakota; and in the Eisenhower Center for Space and Defense Studies at the U.S. Air Force Academy. Eligar was a Systems Engineer for Lockheed Martin Space Systems working on NASA spacecraft and served as a Research Associate at George Washington University. Eligar holds PhD, Master, and BS degrees with subject matter expertise in Technology Management, Program/Project Management, Systems Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Space Studies, Environmental Studies, International Studies, and Public Policy.

Vanessa Clark
Co-founder and CEO @ Atomos Space

The space industry is a realm for the inquisitive, the creative, the adventurous and the profit-oriented! I want to work towards developing the technology and business models required to make space accessible to all who share this sentiment. 

Steven Hartung
Principal Scientist @ Maxar Technologies

Steven Hartung is a Principal Scientist for R&D in Maxar Technologies. As a Tech Lead in satellite remote sensing, he works on applications and algorithms for image processing.  DigitalGlobe’s satellite constellation is the industry leader in resolution and spectral capability for commercial imagery from orbit, generating enormous amounts of data requiring calibration and analysis. Steven has extensive experience with tera-pixel scale image processing in HPC environments and in the cloud. Prior to DigitalGlobe, he spent 15 years in multiple technology startups in the Boulder area doing hardware, firmware and software engineering, and as an engineering manager.Steven has a Ph.D. in Computational Astronomy from James Cook University in Australia, and is an Adjunct Research Fellow in the Astrophysics Department at the University of Southern Queensland. He has a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan, and he served in Strategic Air Command in the US Air Force.

Jeff Smith
Startup Space Project Manager @ Space Frontier Foundation

For the past two years I have hosted and helped organize Startup Space on behalf of the Space
Frontier Foundation. Startup Space is a pitch competition where twenty contestants are selected to
pitch their business/product in front of a panel of judges. Previous judges have included members from
the Space Angels Network, Starburst Accelerator, RRE Ventures, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Promus
Ventures, Ideanco, Silicon Valley Space Center, StarBridge Ventures, Astia Angels, MoonshotX, and Ball
Aerospace to name a few. The next Startup Space event will take place at SATELLITE 2019 on May 7 th in
Washington DC. Space entrepreneurs along the full spectrum, from the college student with a great idea
to an established company looking for an additional funding round and everyone in between, are
encouraged to apply. Applications are open now and can be found on the SATELLITE 2019 website. If
you are interested in finding out more about the Space Frontier Foundation or Startup Space please find
me during the Boulder Startup Weekend event or reach out to me on LinkedIn.

Udit mehta

Udit’s expertise lies in Emerging Tech, Go-to-Market Strategy, Business Models, Customer Validation, Innovation Management, Organizational Architecture, Partnership Development

Miguel Ayala
CEO @ Exodus Space Corp.

Miguel has more than 17 years of experience in engineering and management of multidisciplinary engineering teams developing aircraft, launch vehicles, spacecraft, and associated ground support equipment. Miguel is passionate about contributing to groundbreaking innovations in space exploration and aerospace transportation. With the intent of becoming an effective well-rounded leader, he has devoted his entire career to gaining a broad background in engineering and leadership, encompassing: small startups and large corporations; design, analysis, test and manufacturing; propulsion, structures, mechanisms and thermal fluid systems; technical leadership; project and people management. Previous programs include SNC Dream Chaser spacecraft and ULA Vulcan rocket at Belcan, Orion spacecraft and A2100 satellites at Lockheed Martin, Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy rockets at SpaceX, aircraft GNC at L3 Technologies, Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) F-35 aircraft engines and ISS habitat module at Honeywell, and NASA Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster processing at Thiokol Propulsion (Northrop Grumman). Miguel holds a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from UCLA. He also holds Bachelor’s degrees in both Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering from Arizona State University.

Kevin Sinclair
Senior Manager Electronics Engineering @ Lockheed Martin

Kevin has over 20 years of space experience at McDonnell Douglas, Boeing, United Launch Alliance (ULA) and Lockheed Martin.  Kevin has a breadth of knowledge covering electrical / electronic component analysis, batteries, electronics manufacturing and power systems design and analysis.  Kevin has also held management roles for groups including power systems, electronics development, EMC and Parts, Material and Process.  Kevin holds a BSEE and an MBA from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, CA.

Jon Goff
Founder/CEO @ Altius Space Machines

Space Development Entrepreneur, with experience in business development, business operations, entrepreneurial strategy, proposal writing, business plan development, public speaking, aerospace and mechanical engineering, robotics, orbital mechanics, liquid rocket engine development, flightweight pressure-vessel design, CAD modeling, FEA analysis, suborbital launch vehicle design, general manufacturing, etc. Interested in promoting the private development of space, including both space access and space applications. 

Involved in efforts to promote the implementation of, and mature technologies related to orbital propellant depots and microgravity cryo fluid management.

Dave Drach
VP Corporate Strategy @ Techstars

I build relationships between startups and corporates so they can prosper together. 

I focus on teaching startups how to best engage corporate partners and I help our corporate partners create the very best startup engagement engines to drive innovation into their organizations.

I’ve worked at the interface between some of the most innovative startups in the world and the largest corporate partners for over 20 years. With a small team at Techstars I crafted the first corporate backed, partnership driven, true startup accelerator with the powered by Techstars model and have evolved that model into deep, successful partnerships with corporations like Microsoft, Barclays, Disney, Nike, and Ford. I have also built a wide variety of engagement models with companies like Google, Chase, Amazon, Verizon, P&G and IBM.

Prior to Techstars I worked at Microsoft and helped create BizSpark, which became a leading example of a corporate startup engagement program. In that role I worked with startups such as Evernote, Majong (aka Minecraft), Datallegro, Yammer and others that either evolved into deep partnerships or acquisitions.

I joined Microsoft through the acquisition of a company I helped build called Great Plains Software, which is now the Microsoft Dynamics division. Prior to Great Plains I got to build massive robots and AI systems at Boeing, which was just so ridiculously fun.

Specialties: innovation, corporate transformation, creative deals, strategic investing, channel development, business intelligence, ERP, technology architecture, computing, venture capital, acquisitions, due diligence, CRM, operating discipline, contract law, product marketing and HR.

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