Stepping Up to Startup!

08/09/2014 | By Troy Hawks

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Breck Locals Pool their Talents (and Resources) to Host First Annual Startup Weekend

[caption id="attachment_18044" align="alignright" width="424"]breck 1 Elevate your idea! Join us at Breckenridge Startup Weekend Aug. 15-17![/caption]

We’re under two weeks away from Breckenridge Startup Weekend and we couldn’t wait to give a shout out to our partners and sponsors who are making it all happen here at 9,600 feet; that’s altitude folks!

“This weekend could change your life,” says our own Thomas Gerber, a local volunteer, one of those involved with spearheading the local effort. “So many people have ideas and dreams but never act on them. We’re giving those people a supportive environment, a team, the right tools, coaching and a tight deadline to work on their idea and make it a reality.”

Even if you don’t have an idea or don’t want to pitch, come, says Gerber. If you’re intrigued with the idea of a startup or want to support a startup idea, come.

“This is an opportunity to be part of a movement in Summit County to create a vibrant, smart, progressive startup community,” he adds.

Here’s a big Shout Out the organizers and SPONSORS of Breckenridge Startup Weekend 2014!