Internet of Things, Agriculture

03/04/2016 | By Martin Shum

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LimoneiraWe all know we have a water shortage problem in California.

We can water our plants by hand with a hose (no one in his right mind does that) or more likely than not, we use a sprinkler system on a timer to do the job. The problem is, a timer is dumb. It turns on and off according to a predetermined program whether the plants need to be watered or not.

If we put a senor on the ground where the plants are grown and use it to check the ground's moisture content and turn the sprinkler on or off according to need, that would make more sense. Wouldn't it?

But that's still not the optimum solution. Plant's need for water varies depending on a host of factors such as where it is in its life cycle, the fertilizer used, how strong is the sun light, the air humidity, the wind factor etc. Just imagine a plant irrigation system that takes all that into account and more. Wouldn't that make the use of water in farming a lot more efficient?

That's the power of big data in farming ....