SWVC 2016 Winners

09/07/2016 | By Martin Shum

This post originally appeared on blog.up.co

IoT Healthcare: RepWatch

RepWatch proposes a real time monitoring system to track a patient’s workout routines by using sensor technology. This data is delivered wirelessly to the patient’s physical therapist so that any adjustment that is needed can be made quickly. The data also allows the patient to visualize actual versus desired. RepWatch believes this system can significantly enhance the effectiveness of physical therapy, thus reducing a patient’s recovery time and the cost of therapy.  RepWatch has also been awarded $10,000 in seed fund. Team Lead: Rob Kyler rebertkyler@gmail.com


IoT Agriculture: Bye Bye Birdie

Bye Bye Birdie proposes using sensor technology and Autonomously-driven Robotic Vehicles (ARVs) to reduce crop lose caused by birds. Motion sensors placed amongst the crops to be protected will be used to activate the ARVs in the field. When birds are detected near the crops, these sensors will wirelessly signal the ARVs with geo coordinates of the birds. The ARVs will move autonomously to where the birds are and use predatory sounds to disperse the birds. Team Lead: Greg Monterrosa  greg.monterrosa@myllc.com


People’s Choice: Veggie Bot

Veggie Bot proposes a robot, equipped with sensors, local memory and a wireless transmitter, to track the delivery of fresh produce. The robot will take on the form of the produce to be tracked and will be placed in the farm with the real produce. Come harvest time, this robot will be harvested, sorted, packed and shipped just like the real ones. Veggie Bot thus enables the conditions of the produce to be known on a real time basis from farm to shelf. Team Lead: Bryan Went  bryan@matter-labs.com