Chicago StartupWeekend Education Announces its Prize Package

09/19/2014 | By Christopher Nyren

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SWEDUChicagoThanks to our amazing sponsors, Chicago StartupWeekend Education is announcing some special prizes for its winning teams! Local and global Startup Weekend sponsors are also providing some awesome perks, swag, and resources for all attendees.

The Winners’ Circle

  • 4.0 Schools4.0 Schools is providing free admission and travel to the multi-day Essentials workshop (covering up to $500 in travel costs);
  • The Educelerate Conference is providing a $500 credit to the team that best addresses the unique Challenges of Non-Educeleratetraditional Students (adult, online, low-income, minority) for the technology development consulting service of their choice.
  • 18711871 is offering a free two month membership to the winning team and, with DeVry Education Group, an invitation to the top higher education focused team to meet with the head of the new DV X EdTech Incubator there;
  • Kaplan TechstarsThe lead mentor at the Kaplan Techstars EdTech Accelerator will connect with the winning team to provide advice and insight into their next cohort;
  • The head of West Coast Relations at Pearson Labs will also connect with the winning team to provide advice and insight into the next Pearson Pearson CatalystCatalyst cohort;
  • And rumor has it that there is one more winner's prize in the mix...

We are also excited to highlight several global Startup Weekend resources and sponsors – check out the below for information about Google bootcamps, free domain registration, and more!

  • .CO is proud to support Startup Weekend by providing all participants with the opportunity for a free 12-month .CO domain registration. Don’t settle for a lame name with dashes or missing vowels — get a short, memorable, user friendly domain name to launch your startup this weekend! Find an available .CO name via and use the promo code provided by your organizer to get your .CO at
  • Google is providing everyone a $500 of credit to build startups on Google App Engine and Google Compute Engine. Redeem at: (verification code: swoff-org).
  • Built with the same technology that powers, Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides start-ups and businesses with a secure, reliable, easy-to scale, low-cost computing platform “in the cloud.” AWS is issuing all SW participants a credit voucher valued at $100 which can be applied to an existing account and is good until 12 months from issue. Please follow the instructions on to sign up for AWS and redeem the promotional code provided by your SW Organizer.