8 Things You’ll Learn at Columbus Startup Weekend

05/10/2016 | By Jay Clouse

This post originally appeared on blog.up.co

Guest Blog Post by Claire Coder, founder of Aunt Flow and second place winner of the 2015 Columbus Startup Weekend Health Edition.

Throughout StartUp Weekend, I continually heard the phrase, “Startup Weekend will change your life.” This never truly settled in until I decided to continue to pursue the idea that I had pitched, full time. 54 hours can change your life and here are some tidbits on how to make your experience the most memorable.

1. In the Startup scene, MVP does not mean “Most Valuable Player.” Google it

2. Caffeine inhalants are a real thing and were probably created by another entrepreneur staying up late trying to create an MVP for a different enterprise

3. Careful, Startup Weekend just might change your life. I actually dropped out of college to work on the idea that I pitched at the weekend

4. Canva.com will be your life saver if you don’t have a graphic designer on your team

5. Suzy Bureau knows how to engage an audience; take notes on how she does it so you are ready to blow the judges away when it comes time to pitch

6. Hashtags are powerful #SWCBUS #socent #startup #fundauntflow

7. Market research is not a survey of 100 friends on survey monkey

8. The Startup community is super supportive... Speaking of support, Aunt Flow needs to raise $25,000 to move forward. YOU can make an impact at AuntFlow.org

I originally pitched Aunt Flow, as “SafetyPon,” and placed second at the 2015 Columbus Startup Weekend Health Edition. The social enterprise is a buy one, give one subscription based model for tampons. Following the weekend, and in just five months, I have hustled to take the business idea to the crowdfunding stage, be featured in a variety of publications, gain over 14k Twitter followers, and receive numerous awards for the business plan.

The business does not stop there. My true passion is to lessen the taboo of talking about tampons (and be on Ellen.) In this effort, I have created a YouTube channel where I ask women to share their most embarrassing period stories and I talk with men (Flow Bros) about everything menstrual related from cramps to period sex. Learn more about Aunt Flow at AuntFlow.org.

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