How can you really Launch a Startup in 1 Weekend

03/08/2015 | By Sharland Blanchard

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Startup Weekend Stamford 2015Ready, Set...Innovate, Collaborate, Incubate, and Launch with a Flying Start.

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How do we does Startup Weekend accomplish such a feat in such a short time?

Startup Weekends attract developers, designers, marketers, product managers and entrepreneurs willing to come together to share their skills and ideas and work together using lean startup methodologies being used in Silicon Valley which evolve their innovative ideas into scalable ventures… Hence the Slogan.

Ideas are shared, teams are formed, products are built and startups are launched. This is the 4th Annual Startup Weekend Stamford! Stamford Innovation Center is generously hosting this event and donating Free CoWorking Space to the Winning Teams.

Launch Unlimited LLC and an amazing team of community leaders are organizing this year's event.

We are bringing in numerous successful entrepreneurs in as Coaches/Mentors this year. A few of last year's Judges have agreed to Coach as well. John Lim of Life in Mobile,  Janice Collins of The Refinery, Brian Anderson CEO and Founder of MadGear, Samuel Rockwell who has brought his Waffle Waffle business into 85% of Whole Foods in a few short years after college, Doug Campbell of the Angel Investor Forum , and Dave Tomczyk Entrepreneurship Professor at Quinnipiac University will all be available to teams among many other a deeply experience for all participants!


I know exactly what you are thinking, STARTUP WHAT? Let me explain, Startup Weekend is a weekend-long, hands-on experience where entrepreneurs learn and get hands on experience practicing lean startup practices being used in Silicon Valley on their own business ideas. It is an opportunity to connect with a local and worldwide community of entrepreneurs, validate ideas in and have instant access to all the resources they need to incubate their business idea.

We provide:

  • Training & Practice Implementing Lean Startup Methodology
  • Resources: A Venue, Websites for your MVPs, White Boards/Large & Small Post-Its and a broad array of resources for all attendees through sponsor donations
  • Coaches (See our Coach Bios at Stamford.up.Co)
  • Corporate Partnerships with Amazon Web Services and Google for Entrepreneurs, 3M who offer services and resources to make this a high quality event.
  • Prizes for the Top 3 Teams
  • Raffle Prizes and Freebies for all Attendees
  • Empowerment that will change the way you approach life!

More importantly, innovators get to collaborate and freely help each other with their endeavors. Our weekend event draws ambitious talented students and high performing professionals that bring a mix of technical, design and business  skills.

And if that is not enough, we are bringing in serial startup entrepreneurs to coach and mentor the teams throughout the weekend. We are currently working on developing creating outstanding prize packages of in kind professional services for the teams deemed top 3 investible startup ventures by our judging panel of angel investors, serial entrepreneurs and community leaders.

On average, over half of Startup Weekend’s have technical skills either as coders, software engineers or designers. It also draws a broad array of non-technical business professionals who bring analytical, management, accounting, and marketing skills. From what we are told all attendees come away with fresh perspectives and a clearer understanding of the current startup world, leading to a significantly higher chance of success launching a venture in today’s competitive marketplace.


  • Pitch – your business Idea in 60 seconds
  • Design – validate, innovate, collaborate, model, create
  • Build – UX/UI, wireframes, working prototype
  • Present – Demonstrate your MVP Minimum Viable Product and explain your business model and answer questions.

So, let’s break down the event.

Friday night begins with 60-second open mic pitches. Attendees are encouraged to bring their best and boldest ideas and inspire others to join their team. While this weekend is not intended to be a contest, the teams naturally adopt a healthy competition develops as they are eager to impress the judges on Sunday night and win best rank.

Investible/scalable ideas seem to be the most popular and attract the best teams and win favor from the judges.

Over Saturday and Sunday teams design and develop business plans while continuously tweaking their startup vision. On Sunday evening, teams demo their prototypes, listen to judges’ feedback and choose a winner. Judging criteria is based on the quality of the business model, customer validation, execution and design.

Oh, and did I mention, there will be prizes!!!! Need I say more?


Startup weekends are specifically designed to give entrepreneurs an opportunity to Accelerate the startup process by providing:

  • Teaching Lean startup methodology, which helps ventures reduce time to market and learn market expectations for early stage ventures.
  • Receive feedback through coaching,
  • Gain experience collaborating
  • Get comfortable with potential co-founders
  • Learn about the tools of the trade
  • Develop new prioritization and time management skills.
  • The opportunity to see how much they are capable of achieving in such a short time with a team of committed contributors.

So get ready to roll up your sleeves and dive into the exhilarating world of startups.


  • Build your network: Have you taken a look at our speakers, judges or mentors? There’s a smorgasbord of entrepreneurs, angels, and VCs with incredible credentials. It’s a ‘who’s who’ of people you should absolutely know- right here in Connecticut.
  • Co-Founder Dating: We all know it’s not just about the idea – it’s about the team. What skill are you missing from your dream team? Biz-dev, marketing, developer, designer?
  • Launch a business: Here’s your chance to validate that idea you’ve been mulling, build a team and make it real! Also, you didn’t hear I from us, but some of our investor guest keep an eye on early stage ventures… Just Saying.
  • Get face time with community leaders: The speakers and mentors have decades of experience at being phenomenally successful Ask them for advice, that’s exactly why they are here! We have a great set of consultants, analysts, lawyers and experienced startup people on hand to help you work through your ideas.
  • Save money and get FREE stuff: There are some great freebies and discounts and everybody, I mean Everybody loves swag.

Join the global community. Come to Startup Weekend Stamford and come see what all the fuss is about!


Innovate. Collaborate. Incubate! 2015’s Startup Weekend Stamford’s Slogan. We are expecting a large turnout for the 4th annual Startup Weekend at the Stamford Innovation Center. If you are an entrepreneur, programmer, designer, teacher, student or anyone who has a great idea, Startup Weekend is for you.

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