Startup Weekend Stamford Preparation… Everything you need and more!

03/19/2015 | By Will Haire

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ASW Working Hard

Think of Startup Weekend like a weekend camping trip. You will have to make sure you have everything you need because you will rarely leave the space where you and your team are working. Remember, every minute counts and you do not want to waste time looking for a power cord.

Here is a list of supplies we recommend bringing:

  • Laptop, tablet, and smartphone or any device that can be connected to the Internet (multiple devices are good for validating across platforms). You will need this for conducting research, working, checking Facebook, and capturing key moments and sharing them with your community. Keep in mind; you are doing something cool and different with your weekend. Time to gloat!
  • Power Cords, Power Cords, Power Cords. If I had a nickel for every time I left my charger at home, I would be five cents richer. Be prepared to charge all your devices throughout the day.
  • A notebook & pens. Sometimes old-fashioned written notes and sketches are the best way to communicate with new teammates.
  • A water bottle. The organizers will be providing beverages, but you want to stay hydrated throughout the weekend. Remember, dehydration makes Jack a dull boy!
  • Snacks. Once again, the organizers will be providing snacks, but if you have dietary restrictions or if you have a concoction you like to make to keep you energized and focus, by all means bring it with you.
  • Attire. Feel free to dress comfortable. Wear comfortable shoes and dress in a way that will allow you to do your best thinking and best work. I don’t think anyone will judge you if you show up in your pajamas!
  • Headphones. If you get in the “zone” and do not want to be distracted by conversations and energy surrounding you. Be prepared to tune others out and get down to business.
  • Business cards. You are going to be meeting new people and contacts you may want to keep in touch with.
  • Positive Attitude. Startup Weekend is a very dynamic environment filled with highs and lows. Be prepared to go with the flow and keep an open mind and a positive attitude.

We look forward to seeing you at the Stamford Startup Weekend. Bring anything that will help with your creativity and comfort, beanbags sweat pants, and good times!