SWHartford on Ray Dunaway!

08/11/2014 | By Caitlin Thayer

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Startup Weekend Hartford: Education organizer John Shemo, and past SWHartford winner John Farrell were on the Ray Dunaway show recently!

You can listen to the full clip here. 

John and John talked about the format of the event - pitching business ideas on Friday night, working through the weekend to create the business, and then share their businesses with a panel of judges on Sunday night. Each business is vying to win prizes that will help them get their startup off the ground!

"It was a great experience, and I was just a computer programmer with no entrepreneurial background before Startup Weekend. But then after I did it I kind of fell in love with the whole mindset, with startups, and the hustle behind it." - John Farrell, Startup Weekend participant and past winner

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