NoD Coworking Space To Host North Dallas Startup Weekend!

02/16/2015 | By Chirag Gupta

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We are proud to announce that our venue for North Dallas Startup Weekend will be NoD's (pronounced "node") 11,000 square foot coworking facility in North Dallas. They are home to many local tech startups, including the winners of the 2014 Startup Weekend EDU (held at The DEC): AnonyQ and Kinskii. NoD is also the official home for the #UXRoast, and they have agreed to reserve 2 spots in the September 18th #UXRoast for winners of the North Dallas Startup Weekend! So what are you waiting for? Sign up here:

NoD is run by serial entrepreneur and Dallas native, Chirag Gupta, who moved back to Dallas in 2013 to open up the first coworking space in North Dallas. He will be playing a key role in organizing the event and will also be on the lookout for promising startups to join the NoD.

We can't thank them enough for their support of Startup Weekend. Give them a shout out on Twitter (@nodDFW) and let them know you're stoked for the event in July! Here's the whole story behind NoD featuring the founder himself: