Help! The Front Range Needs You! Colorado’s Third Smart City / IoT Startup Weekend Returns To Denver.

03/08/2017 | By Daryl Wallace

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So the message has spread and every city, community, school and hospital is wanting to be smarter.  The challenge?  Boots on the ground, ideas combining and prototypes to innovate from.  It seems the technology is all here, much is even free and cloud accessible.  The future is here, it's just patches.  Our goal is to grow, combine and extend these patches into viable startups - businesses, social enterprises, products, services or just pure genius innovation.

The answer? Startup Weekend where we will give the tools, the skills, the coaching and combining of ideas and the deployment of real innovation by exaptation.

[caption id="attachment_4260" align="alignnone" width="565"]last years startup weekend images The 2016 Winners[/caption]

Join us at the Third Denver Startup Weekend where we get serious about working on innovation.


To widen the focus from simply being another pitch fest, we are looking to give awards for innovation, team collaboration, technology mastery, adaptation and design.  So your work will be augmented by crucial advice, designs and patterns will be clarified, documented, tested and critiqued by some of the industry's best minds.  We want your go to market proposition to be strong, scalable and resilient.