Startup Weekenders Bring the Impact in Detroit

04/02/2015 | By Nicole Mangis

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Startup Weekend Detroit

May 29th, 2015

We are REALLY excited to have the first ever special edition Startup Weekend event in Detroit be for social entrepreneurs.

Detroit has a long history of innovation and entrepreneurship. It has certainly also had some rough times. The past five or so decades have forced many residents to innovate, muddle through, or "hack" their way through some serious challenges to sustain their livelihood, family, and neighborhoods.

Recently Detroit has seen an influx of new residents. This new wave of (often young) professionals, mixed with the amazing talent and grit of existing residents, lends nicely to a rise in social enterprise as a new approach to doing business.

I have heard many people say: "well, all businesses do good... they employ people, they set up shop in a community and of course they make an impact." Completely fair, and it is true in most cases. But that does not necessarily mean that there is no value in events/programs/networks that support entrepreneurs and business owners in their efforts to employ sustainable business practices - even if they do naturally live by the "do-good business" code.

Social enterprise is not just about adding value to society... it is also about adding value to your bottom line. The trick is finding a way to do both simultaneously. Thus, hacking away at a Startup Weekend that is organized specifically to support your do-good business idea is a great place to start: get ideas, share ideas, meet talented people, disrupt something, innovate, and have fun.

This event is for any industry, any idea, a.n.y.o.n.e. Accept the challenge of coming up with a great business and finding ways to weave impact throughout your business model ...