05/15/2015 | By Nicole Mangis

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We have some really amazing sponsors, there is just no getting around that. So a big THANK YOU is in order...

I have always been a fan of surprises, but I have never really been very good at keeping them! So, let's jump in and learn a bit more about what we have up our sleeves for our upcoming weekend prize packages.


First place team will receive:

  1. A consulting package from Eastern Michigan University's Center for Advancing Social Enterprise (CASE). This is valued at $1,000.
  2. A three month free trial of Bamboo Detroit co­working space. This is valued at $447/person. Trial membership includes access to all Bamboo Detroit amenities, such as: 24/7 access to Downtown Detroit location; Mailing address, conference rooms, free wifi & coffee; Additional Bamboo Detroit member discounts.
  3. A featured podcast episode on the Bonfires of Social Enterprise with Romy Gingras. 
  4. One full year of quarterly financial reporting through Gingras Global.

To be divvied up between the next two winning teams are the following prizes:

  1. Admittance into the Build Social class hosted at the Build Institute. The class follows a 9-week timeline and offers a curriculum with a strong focus on double and triple bottom line business practices.
  2. A legal consulting package from WSU Law Alumni.
  3. One full year of quarterly financial reporting through Gingras Global.

If that doesn't get you pumped up for an amazing weekend then I guess you will just have to stay tuned for some of the other awesome teasers we have lined up!

Haven't registered yet?! Well what are you waiting for?!                                              Visit: and save your seat!

See you soon!