surPRIZES, part II

05/27/2015 | By Nicole Mangis

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We are excited to announce the latest in some very awesome prize packages for the winners of our upcoming Startup Weekend Detroit for Social Entrepreneurs event.

Gingras Global has graciously provided a prize package for some six teams at Startup Weekend Detroit next weekend - three of which will be the winners of the first, second, and third places and the remaining three will be selected by popular vote by all of the participants. Let's learn more about Gingras Global and the prizes.

Gingras Global is a social enterprise reporting and standards development firm. All products and services are directed to sustainability and best practices. They have a global presence working not only in Michigan (where they are headquartered) but in Illinois, India, and the Holy Land.

Gingras Global is firmly committed to reducing the high failure rate of small business and social enterprise by setting high but achievable standards for the enterprise, providing standardizing tools that we can have a part in improving the industry of social enterprise, and believing that community can come around social enterprise by pooling resources. 

Mastery of financial reporting is an essential skill for any business. For social enterprise it can be critical. Romy Gingras - Managing Partner and Startup Weekend Detroit Judge says, "in my opinion, it is critical that social entrepreneurs begin to cascade their social impact into their financial reporting. It is important to not just make statements about social impact, but to also understand how it affects their financial strategies. Demonstrating this understanding creates credibility with the funding community. Financial reporting also leads to transparency and good data for future decision making by management. Verbal statements without the financial numbers is like only showing the comforter without exposing the mattress or bed frame. The missing financials can lead one to wonder what is under the covers."

Through Gingras Global's generous support six lucky teams will receive one full year of use of their Quarterly Reporting tool which is valued at $800. This will include set up support. All winning teams must redeem this prize within 30 days of the event.