Weed Tacos?!

04/30/2015 | By Nicole Mangis

This post originally appeared on blog.up.co

Pitch Karaoke Detroit

April 23rd, 2015

We are still in awe of how awesome all of our pitchers did at this event! For those of us who had a front row seat to the madness, I think we can all agree that we cannot wait to eat some Weed Tacos that were delivered by Trans Global hot air balloons, on our Soar Board while wearing our Princess Tutus, drinking our White Beer, while our lawns our fertilized with Green Chemicals, and we wrap up all that awesomeness with a fresh pretzel from our trusty Pretzel Bicycle!

We kicked off the event with a half-baked icebreaker in which the audience shouted out random words as our organizers furiously scribed on a white board. Little did the audience know these words would be used to craft their first ever improv pitch....

Once audience members had a chance to pick two words from the half-baked list we kicked off the pitches.

The pitch deck contained ~18 slides which advanced after 20 seconds - participants were encouraged to sing and dance if need be to use the time most effectively, some actually did. However, beyond knowing their two words participants had no idea what the pitch deck would prompt them with. We are benevolent hosts, so participants were prompted with questions that would help them take their two words into a "viable" business concept.

We had some epic ideas let me tell you! And the groups favorite pitchers were given free tickets to our upcoming Startup Weekend for Social Entrepreneurs this May. Group favorites were: Weed Tacos and Princess Tutus. But, since these pitches we SO awesome, we ended up giving out two more prizes to Trans Global and Soar Boards.

We did also have a pitch coach on hand, Jay Rayford is a local social entrepreneur and he wrapped up the event for us with some words of advice on how to pitch -- how he kept a straight face while doling out advice to these pitches is beyond us.

Check out some of the pitches from the evening:







Overall, we had a great time and we think everyone there did as well. Stay tuned for the next round of Pitch Karaoke Detroit... and from the legendary words of one of our very own pitchers Bub, remember:

the first ride is free.