How Will Your Ideas be Judged at Startup Weekend Evansville?

01/26/2015 | By Bryan Bourdeau

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The Startup Weekend Evansville judging criteria is broken up into four sections. Teams are judged according to the following criteria (weighed equally):

Product Execution:

  • Have they established a “Minimal Viable Product” for the weekend (be it software, hardware, etc.)? *Note: an MVP is the minimal feature set to be able to start collecting data.
  • How many iterations of the product have the done throughout the weekend? Successful product execution should be able to show you a roadmap of where they started and how they have collected data to evolve their product. A great SW team should be able to make it through many cycles of data collection throughout the weekend.
  • Were they able to demo something functional?

Business Model Validation:

  • Can you identify a clear customer segment?
  • Can you identify a clear value proposition to that customer?
  • How many customers did you talk to in the weekend? 
  • How have you validated your solution with the customers?
  • How will you acquire customers? 
  • What differentiates your model from competitors?


  • What are your users core needs?
  • How many users have you engaged with?
  • What feedback have you gotten to inspire your user feature set?
  • Tell me based off your user insights why your product looks this way? 
  • Tell me based off your user insights why your product feels this way? 


  • Who is your team made up of? 
  •  Why can this team take your idea to the next level?
  • What has your team done this weekend to show you can go above and beyond all other startups to become successful?