September 2014 Startup Weekend: Cody Wilmer

09/10/2014 | By Andrew Curtis

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On September 26-28 of 2014, Startup Weekend Fredericksburg is hosting its third annual event. Whether you have an idea you want to work on, get some input on, or build a team around, or you want to help someone else build their idea, you’ll want be there.

If you’re on the fence about meeting other people who, like you, want to be a part of something new and explore, Cody Wilmer, the team leader of Fitz Kitz from the inaugural Startup Weekend Fredericksburg, gives some of the best advice:

“If you’re trying to decide whether to attend, really, there's no reason not to. It's fun and motivating even if you don't have a project that you do yourself.  Go Friday night and hear all the pitches – something is bound to be interesting to you. Hop on that team and just see how far it can go. I really think you’ll be amazed. Also, free food for all three days pays for itself!”

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