Why startup in Laramie?

08/15/2018 | By Hannah Robinson

This post originally appeared on blog.up.co

More like why not?! Laramie boasts resources and incentives to help your business succeed. When you come out of Startup Weekend Laramie with your winning prize pack, you’ll be able to put that to use along with these resources explained ahead:

  1. Financial Support

From grants to specialty loans, you can find financial help to get your startup further off the ground. The Wyoming Business Council offers Trade Show Incentive Grants for when you have your product ready to be shown off to the rest of the country. There are also workforce training grants through the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services, this can help you once you find that specially program that will take your startup to the next level. And once you’re ready to get out of your coworking space and into a building all your own, there are specialty loans for that available through the Laramie Chamber Business Alliance or the Wyoming Business Council.

2. Community Partners

Wyoming and Laramie know the worth of collaboration and there are several organizations ready to work together and help you keep going after you start. Help in market research and business advising after you pitch can come from The Small Business Development Center. Or you can find business counseling and executive coaching services in the Wyoming Technology Business Center. Manufacturing-Works can help you with a host of business essentials as well. There are several more resources in Laramie including the Laramie Chamber Business Alliance, Laramie Main Street Alliance, The Wyoming Women’s Business Center, the Wyoming Business Council and offices at The City of Laramie. At Startup Weekend Laramie, you’ll be able to discover first-hand what these organizations can do for you.

3. Outdoor Recreation (Yeah, it’s a resource)

Once you’ve executed your idea, secured funding and received the help you need, you might want to take a hike. And we mean that literally. Laramie is known for it’s world-class recreation and we’ve heard there’s nothing better than walking your dog along the greenbelt after a long day or hitting the cross-country ski trails in the morning. With millions of acres of public land in your backyard, you’ll find the inspiration you need to keep working on your startup. And eventually that backyard could attract the top talent you need once you’ve made it.

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