Startup Weekend Lexington 2017 – Demo List

11/19/2017 | By Nick Such

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[caption id="attachment_52865" align="alignnone" width="600"]Tony Aguilar kicks off SW Lex 2017 ATX-based founder of Chipper, Tony Aguilar, kicks off Startup Weekend Lexington 2017[/caption]


Here are the 11 demo teams and what they are building this weekend at Startup Weekend Lexington 2017. Teams this year are taking part in the Global Startup Weekend, with more than 15k entrepreneurs at 200+ events around the world this week. For a quick recap of the weekend so far, check out pictures on Google Photos and updates on Twitter.

  1. GatherLEX

    Jack box like Web app. Game App locally with friends

  2. Bars?

    Chat integration platform for helping people persuade friends to go out

  3. Red River Resole

    Climbing Shoe Repair Service

  4. LocalLife

    A platform to provide an all-in-one local entertainment resource

  5. Skillable

    Matching people's skills with the people who need to learn those skills

  6. Band Up

    We randomly match up local musicians into teams for a jam competition

  7. Five Minute Feedback

    Voice survey platform service

  8. Prepless

    Eliminate barriers for exercise by providing all inclusive gym experiences.

  9. Light It Up

    Light customization of stuff

  10. Smart Rotation

    Adaptive software for gymnastics centers that automates resource scheduling

  11. Blockchain Records

    A distributed ledger of world records built on a blockchain.

Team presentations begin at 5pm today at Awesome Inc. Come join us in the audience this evening, enjoy some dinner, and cheer on your favorite teams!