Startup Weekend Muncie team overview

10/07/2018 | By Krystal Geyer

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Here are the demo teams and what they are building this weekend at Startup Weekend Muncie 10/06/2018. Interested in watching the pitches? Join us Sunday, October 7, 2018 at the Ball State University Applied Technology Building. Pitches begin at 5:00pm.

Betterflye: Betterflye is the web and mobile platform that aggregates different community, personal, and environmental challenges. The user engages with these challenges to accelerate the ripple effect they make with friends, family, and community organizations through volunteering, donations, and other forms of social activism.

Aqualarm: Aqualarm is a device that encourages users to begin their day hydrated. The device tracks water consumption and requires users to drink a certain amount first thing upon waking up.

LEAP: LEAP works to bridge the gap between students and extracurricular and after school programs. Many lower income students don’t have the necessary transportation to participate in such activities. LEAP leverages their nonprofit status to provide transportation and get students involved.

Button Buddy: Designed to prevent, track, and report sexual assault and attempted sexual assault, Button Buddy uses your smart device to record sexual assault the moment it is activated. Along with recording, it notifies predetermined contacts that you may be in danger.

Artify: Artify is a nonprofit organization with the mission of beautifying areas where businesses and home have been vacated through painted murals.

Hotel Talent: Sometimes getting in front of those first few hundred social media followers can be the hardest part. Hotel Talent helps individuals with unique talents get in front of the right people and start to build their following.

PopShops: Both a physical location and a data play, PopShops curates month-long pop-up shops, but also tracks and sells consumer data to let potential brick and mortar stores gain a better understanding of their demographic and local preferences.