After 26 Pitches, 8 Survived. Here are the 2014 SWOKC Teams!

11/16/2014 | By Jason Trout

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After 26 pitches Friday night, 8 survived. Here are the teams and what they've been working on all weekend. Presentations are tonight at 5pm.


DoughFetch helps businesses find the working capital they need by connecting them to banks and financial services providers that are a good fit.


Bookwork is a crowdsource platform that facilitates concert booking relationships and transactions.

Search Box

Long-range plane tracking and anomalous flight detection.

Brew Crate

BrewCrate uses your beer preferences to identify craft beers from across the country you’ll love. Then we deliver that beer directly to your doorstep.


Mobile app that interfaces with fitness wearables such as Fitbit, Jawbone, iWatch, to help individuals identify food sensitivities.


STEMX uses robots to teach students engineering skills.

Hot Tub Flix

Hot water, hot bodies, hot movies. Bringing hot tub theater to a rooftop in the heart of OKC.

Open Caption

App that provides real-time captioning of live events to hearing impaired.