Reshaping Our World with Ed Tech

01/27/2015 | By Courtney Francis

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The following is a guest post from Mike Hruska, President and CEO of Platinum Sponsor Problem Solutions.

Educational Technology (ed tech) has the largest opportunity to radically reshape our world. Engaging students and employees along the continuum of learning experiences has the ability to impact innovation and economic growth. The most important thing that we can do through ed tech is enable teachers to be great teachers and students to be great students as lifelong learners.  We can do this by connecting people with the right experiences at the right time and with connecting people with the right people at the right time.

Funding is flowing into ed tech like never before.  Massive investments by venture capitalists continue to add to the over $1 Billion of venture capital that has been invested in ed tech up to 2012.  A recent single investment of $103 Million in earlier this month is the largest venture round in ed tech history.  That’s big - and is going to change the world.

We are excited about ed tech and our team at Problem Solutions has been working in learning and educational technology on specifications, standards, products, and new technologies for 15 years.




We have built more open source Ed TechEd tech projects through the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative than any other single program in government.  We have built things like the Experience API and the Learning Registry. We’ve also contributed to open source tools like the Generalized Intelligent Framework for Tutoring. These tools enable people to run further faster with ed tech on multiple fronts.

We have also helped existing and new companies dream and deliver new learning technologies and build award winning products like the recent Brandon Hall Gold award winner Trek.

We are excited about the possibilities that ed tech offers.  We are lucky to build useful and awesome things in this space with great people. These tools and technologies have helped the community to grow and will continue to impact it moving ahead.

Why do we do this?  Because the place where technology and education intersect has the largest ability to impact the world in positive ways.

We are looking forward to Startup Weekend Education so we can begin to grow innovative ed tech companies in Pittsburgh. What are you going to build to change the world?