Startup Weekend Pittsburgh 6 Teams are on the Grid

11/22/2014 | By Christian Moreno

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Companies in the Making: Startup Weekend Pittsburgh Teams Have Formed


Over 30 pitches were delivered Friday night and 13 teams have formed to represent #SWPgh6. Meet the teams:

opening pitches


"We are creating a web/app for Money, Life, & Death Organizer. Helping people find a simple way to prepare for wills and assets."

Members: Heather Broman, Paige Sabedra, Jonathan Shaffer, Kyle Szives, Nina Patel, Garrett Buyan

@LODOMOlife #finance #legal

Team GI Culprit

"We are the next version of food journals using data analytics to identify culprit or trigger foods for IBS and Crohns Disease."

Members: Bridget Deasy, Alani Grant, Tom Kierzkowski, Walt Grata, Phil Goetz, William Lutz, Tess Bailie, Bill Holmes, William Hardy, Nicole Flasco

@GICulprit #health

Team Harmonics

"Harmonic is an app that lets any student take their boring educational notes that they are studying and convert them into a unique song."

Members: Brooke Bango, Jacob Howell, Zach Shefska, Ajay Krishna, Teja Kavuri, Josh Brown

@HarmonicsApp #education

Team KidBizTools

"We help kids learn how to run their business and track their business so they can kill it in their neighborhood while they rake leaves, shovel snow, babysit, etc."

Members: Dan Delanis, Allison Howard, Rob Simpson, Phil Ciarrocchi, Evan McIntyre, Stone Swiess

@kidbiztools #businessdev

Team Tap Yapa

"We are rethinking the way you gift. Gifting made fun."

Members: Tom Jones, Arash Danaie, Bruce McElroy, Katherine Marino

@TapYapa #retail

Team Vurika

"We provide educators a platform for adding multimedia content to traditional instruction using augmented reality and hypermedia."

Members: Anna Belak,  Juan Corzo, John DeGore, Jason Azares, Thidanun Saensuksopa, Saba Kazi, Elizabeth Wagstaff, Michael Richardson, Landon Paik

@Vurika_App #techmed

Team NexGenDoc

"We minimize the amount of time to deliver proven medical research to bedside practice through educational application."

Members: Andrew Mortimer, Dennis Paskorz, Anastasia Lanz, Haohan Wang

@nexgendocapp #techmed

Team Metal Sense

"Fast, accurate, and inexpensive field portable heavy metal testing for water, soil, food, and human health."

Members: Nicholas Nuar, Stephen House,Emma Casehart, Ashok Chandrasekaran

@Metal_Sense #environmental

Team Agendafy

"Meetings That [Actually] Work – “AGENDAFY” It!"

Members: Robb Myer, Courtney Francis, Karen Tang, Ryan Richardson, Ben Alderoty, Corey Keller, Tyler Matteo, Savannah Butler, Michele Petruccell, Bob LaVella

@agendafyit #productivity

Team 360showings

"360 showings improves how realtors show properties by taking the blinds off: let buyers look around inside 360 videos."

Members: Brian Woodard, Will Gibbons, Mike Hill, Jeff Bennett, Vanessa Li, Hongqiao Lu, Troy Demmer

@360showings #production

Team ChefMe

"We are a "restaurant in a home" dining experience.  We are looking to help facilitate mini businesses for those cooks who love to cook and love to teach."

Members: Meera, Ebby, Mario.

@ChefMe #entertainment

Team Stepladder

"Scaling the "Can you meet for coffee?" portion of the job search/recruiting pipeline."

Members: Cassandra Buncie, Dillan DiNardo, Mohamad Koueifi, Cheng Peng, Sergey Tulyakov

@StepladderTech #networking

Team JumpIt!

"JumpIt is the Uber for emergency car assistance. By seamlessly connecting those in need with local and available assistance, JumpIt will eliminate long phone calls, reduces waiting time for help to arrive, accurately pinpoints when they will get there, and is cheaper than an annual subscription to an auto club."

Members: Tim Delaney, Matthew DeSantis, Yiru Yao, Hans Neilsen, Mario Brown, Bill Moran

@JumpitApp #service

Winning teams

The weekend is still young and teams are diligently working to get their companies ready for Sunday night pitches. Stay tuned for more updates from #SWPgh6.