Jaguar Land Rover Technology Incubator as Portland Startup Weekends Platinum Sponsor

11/13/2015 | By Sara Fristoe

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jrl tech

Portland Startup Weekend would like to announce our Platinum event sponsor, Jaguar Land Rover Technology Incubator (JLR Incubator)!

The amazing generosity of JLR Incubator has made this year's Portland startup weekend a success. Without them, the task of putting together this event would be so much harder.

“Our mission is to encourage, promote and support new software-based technologies that are being developed by U.S. technology start-ups.”

Through their 6-month incubator program, companies will receive assistance with technical engineering and operational support from established professionals in the field. The on-staff site in right here in Portland works with the startups to help them grow to their full potential.

On top of getting connected to mentors, companies selected for the incubator program will also receive capital investments, 6-months rent free at their facilities, legal support and networking on top of other benefits.

Thank you so much Jaguar Land Rover Technology Incubator for your amazing support! Portland Startup Weekend could not do this without you!

To learn more about Jaguar Land Rover Technology Incubator, please visit their website and follow them on Twitter @JLRIncubator.