#PDXSW Oregon BEST is a proud sponsor of Portland Global Startup Weekend

11/12/2016 | By Hung Phan

This post originally appeared on blog.up.co

Portland Startup Weekend is proud to be supported by Oregon BEST.  Oregon BEST is an independent, nonprofit research center dedicated to transforming research discoveries into cleantech jobs for Oregonians. Oregon BEST makes investments in facilities, projects, and people positioned to have maximum impact on Oregon’s economy and meet our state’s most important public needs. Oregon BEST partners with Universities, faculity, and private industry to held build jobs for Oregonians.


Oregon BEST believes in collaboration and through its pricipals of Build, Conviene and Accelerate has built a network of Labs.  It offers, promotes and sponsors events and helps with funding for Cleantech Startups.  Portland Startup Weekend is pleased to be supported by Oregon BEST.  Thank you!