TiE Oregon Sponsors Portland Startup Weekend

11/07/2014 | By Dave Weidner

This post originally appeared on blog.up.co

Portland Startup Weekend is excited to announce that TiE Oregon will be sponsoring once again.  TiE has been a long time supporter of Portland Startup Weekend and the community at large.  Thank you TiE Oregon for your continued support and check out what TiE Oregon is up to below.  


TiE Oregon, our local chapter of the global not-for-profit organization TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs - although here we like to call it The Inclusive Entrepreneurs), is once again proud and delighted to sponsor Portland Startup Weekend!

TiE’s mission is to foster entrepreneurship all around the world; through networking, education, mentoring, incubation and funding. We organize many events here, such as our successful Pitch Club and our emerging tech panels; we connect companies with mentors and advisors; we generously share our connections; we have a group of Angel investors; and we even provide entrepreneurial education to high school kids with our new TYE (TiE Young Entrepreneurs) program.

One of the most exciting ways to get propelled into entrepreneurship and get the basics of what it means to have a startup, is participating in Startup Weekend. Within a single weekend, you’ll be able to test whether that business idea that you had, might be viable. You’ll experience how you, and a team of people that you probably had never even met before, can together produce more energy and accomplish more than you ever dreamed possible. You’ll live through a microcosm of the emotional highs and lows of entrepreneurship. You will get to know the most amazing people – while probably learning a lot about yourself. And, it’s maybe the most fun you can have with your clothes on.

TiE Oregon and Portland Startup Weekend go back a while. I myself got to my current position, Executive Director of TiE Oregon, through my involvement as an organizer for Startup Weekend. And many of the people who first get their feet wet at entrepreneurship at Startup Weekend, find their way to our TiE programs, mentors and incubator - and some even find investments through TiE Angels. You’re on your way to becoming part of an amazing community.

TiE Oregon will be having the annual TiE PitchFest competition on Dec 10th 2014, a few weeks after Portland Startup Weekend. Once you’ve come out of Startup Weekend, we want you to consider applying to compete in the Concept Stage category of PitchFest. (Applications here: https://oregon.tie.org/event/40/tie-pitchfest-2014)

This will let you pitch your fledgling company to a panel of investors, in front of a roomful of folks from the investment and entrepreneurial community, and really get serious with your new business! The only requirement for participation in PitchFest, is that at the time of the competition, least one person on your team be a member of TiE Oregon. Guess what? We’re giving away year-long memberships to the winners of Startup Weekend – so that will be taken care of. Last year, a winner of Portland Startup Weekend, Bubblr, also won the Concept Stage category at TiE PitchFest! Plus, as a TiE member you get reduced fee or free access to all the TiE programs, events and exclusive benefits such as mentoring etc. See more at https://oregon.tie.org. Even if you don’t win a free membership, you will find that attending TiE events and becoming a member will open up all kinds of resources for you.

So, we hope you have the time of your life at Portland Startup Weekend. And we look forward to helping you on your entrepreneurial journey that may follow!