Startup Weekend Recife Organizer Shares "Words of Wisdom"

11/16/2014 | By Andrea Tejedor

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GersonStartup Weekend Edu Recife (Brazil) organizer, Gerson Ribeiro shared some "words of wisdom" for SWEDU participants:

1 - Right now Education is going thru a Global Revolution, and all the participants and organizers of SWEDU are active members in this international movement.

2 -  All actions that happen inside the event will echo for the years to come. Like a rock in a lake. These small ideas will have impact in thousands of peoples lives. This is a great responsibility and a honor. Be proud :-)

3 - Think about the problem and come with solutions to that. But always start with the problem.

4 - Always remember there must be a solid business model behind your business. Your solution could be beautiful, but if there is no cash flow it will die soon.

5 - Have fun!!!

Gerson believes that the most important legacy we can give to our community is to empower it by teaching people how to be real entrepreneurs. Organizing an event is training people how to move out of the status quo, learning by doing, and making them realize that they can make great things happen in only 54 hours. He says that it's truly one of the most rewarding experience that he has ever had. He also believes that we will never be able to measure the everlasting and deep positive impact in our community that an event like this has.