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10/22/2014 | By Andrea Tejedor

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Dr. Darlynda Miktuk has joined the the ranks of coaches that will Miktuk photo be available at SWEDU Rochester. Dr. Miktuk was a science teacher for 5 years, and a coordinator of technology in the classroom for 8 years. Currently she is the Technology Integration Coordinator at Erie 1 BOCES, where she trains K-12 educators on how to integrate various technologies such as interactive whiteboards and mobile devices into their classrooms. During the summer of 2012, she earned a PhD in Educational Leadership. Dr. Miktuk is a lover of mobile technology such as an iPad, check out her website iPad Resources for All. She champions the use of social media as a PLN and is ready to talk innovative education ideas! You can follow Darlynda on Twitter @DarlyndaMiktuk.