Have you ever had an idea for improving education? Here’s your opportunity…

09/27/2014 | By Andrea Tejedor

This post originally appeared on blog.up.co

Have you ever had an idea for improving education? Here’s your opportunity…

Join us at SWEDU Rochester, November 21-23, 2014 for the opportunity to transform your education ideas into action in 54 hours. You will be able to connect to people with complementary skills & the passion to build an education product in one weekend. Design for learning, conduct user tests, receive coaching from experienced education designers & industry professionals and win prizes that will help take your idea to the next level!

How does it work?

Friday night: 60-second pitches that result in the formation of small teams around the best, most viable education concepts. Educators validate ideas, then all attendees vote. We hope you’ll pitch, but definitely not required!

Saturday and Sunday: Work days! Teams focus on user research, customer development, validating their ideas and building prototypes with the help of experienced coaches from the education and entrepreneurial world. You’re welcome to stay and work as long as the venue will allow!

Sunday evening: Teams demo their education products and receive valuable feedback from a panel of expert judges. Winning teams take home a grab bag of great tools to help launch their company!

Here are some examples of startups that have come out of Startup Weekend EDU:

  • Qeyno - A career exploration game that helps inform students about possible STEM career options & offers guidance on how to achieve them.
  • Vidcode - A video-coding app designed with girls in mind that is not only self-expressive, but paired with a hobby girls love – creating and sharing videos.
  • Kidfit Academy- A nonprofit running interactive physical & health education curriculum that empowers students to take control of their health & wellness with fun technology.

Here’s some of the things you get from attending 

  • Delicious & healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner for the whole weekend
  • Free tickets for ISTE Annual Conference in Philadelphia from June 28 – July 1
  • A free .co domain name
  • $500 of credit on Google App Engine
  • $100 of AWS credit for hosting
  • Awesome coaching by education startup industry leaders
  • A network of new educator, developer, designer & entrepreneur friends that are also excited about improving education
  • Plus other prizes – so check out the website!

All of the pitches on Friday and companies demoed on Sunday will be educator approved and designed to solve problems in the education space, broadly defined (not restricted to K-12 or other “formal” education).

We hope you join us!