The RVA Startup Weekend Experience

07/11/2014 | By Ashley Ray

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As the organizing team for RVA Startup Weekend prepares for the big weekend in September, we thought we'd share some insights from a 2013 attendee (who is also currently on the organizing team this year).

If spending 56 hours over the course of a weekend working with complete strangers to build a start-up sounds crazy to you then you are not alone. It is crazy! But it's a fun experience that will teach you so much more than you can read online. It's hands on, fast paced and exciting.

Last year, Elliot had no idea what he was getting into. His initial pitch wasn't picked, and the team he joined didn't win but he sure did learn a lot. If you're thinking about registering for Startup Weekend in September, read about Elliot's experience and take notes on his advice!

Here are Elliot's posts:

Convinced and ready to register? Get tickets here.

Also, be sure to RSVP for the Startup Weekend Pre-party happening August 27th. RSVP here.