RVA Startup Weekend Recap

09/24/2014 | By Ashley Ray

This post originally appeared on blog.up.co



What a weekend! 54 hours of brainstorming, building, researching, local food, fun and some of us did Yoga in the middle of it all! On Friday night we started with 38 pitches and on Sunday night we ended with 8.

All of our teams worked really hard building their start-ups and making the most out of our 15 mentors from within the Richmond community. Between exercises, mentoring sessions, countless sticky notes, who knows how many lines of code, online surveys and talking to people on the street, businesses were validated and pitches were built. In the end, there were four teams who took home prizes.

SimplixityGrand Prize: Simplixity

Simplixity is a system for replacing all of the paper forms you have to fill out at the doctor's office. This app will allow you to load all of your information to it and send it to your various physicians without having to go in 30 minutes early to fill out paperwork. The Simplixity team didn't just win prizes from us, one of our judges, Ting Xu, came armed with her checkbook that night. She wrote the team a $10,000 check!

Best in Show and Best MVP: Doctor's Orders 10665373_595350763909783_8869917156112549243_n

Doctor's Orders won two prizes Sunday night: Best in Show (Best Design) and Best MVP. Their app helps you remember all of your doctor's orders through an easy to use interface that sends push notification reminders and keeps track of all of your to dos. Not only did this team come up with a great design, their pitch included demonstrations of what the app looked like as a patient and as a physician.


Most Community Impact: It Takes a Village

It Takes a Village gives parents a platform to help each other with childcare needs. The easy to use app allows you to send requests for things like pick-ups and babysitting out to your contacts and notifies you when someone can help out. Your contacts can also make requests of the community that allow you to help out as needed. It's really no wonder why they won most community impact - it really does take a village to raise a child and get everything done!

Most Likely to Scale: Occupied

This app, who started as "While I Poo" won Most Likely to Scale but judge Todd Nuckols noted while announcing the win, there were also probably "Most Likely to Catch on Fire".  Occupied is an app that keeps you... well... occupied in your moments of solitude with things like doodles, anonymous confessions and humorous content. The app originally started as "While I Poo" and after several different ideations became Occupied to cover ALL of you moments of solitude... not just while you're in the John.


Other Pitches:

Branch, an urban tree planting concept that grows trees upside down to conserve water and save our sidewalks (and the people who have to walk on them) from roots.

Indigo, an Xbox app that uses Xbox Kinnect's biometric technology to allow you to shop online while suggesting clothes that fit your body type.

Couresly, a college course discovery and review website that helps you choose courses based on peer reviews and other metrics.

It was a long weekend! While all 10 teams didn't make it pitch night, everyone did a fantastic job!