Pre-event Pitch Practice Workshop on May 11

04/20/2015 | By Mia Lopez

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Startup Weekend EdTech Sacramento is hosting a pre-event workshop for attendees and non-attendees who would just like more info on Startup Weekend. At this event you will meet other Startup Weekend participants (which just might give you an upper hand) and practice your pitch before the event begins on May 15. We’ll have pizza wine, and beer! Get ahead of the competition and sign-up today.

(Psst… Past Startup Weekend Sacramento attendees who attended this workshop found it extremely helpful and have highly recommended it to other participants.)


Monday, May 11 at 6:00pm



2572 21st Street, Sacramento CA


All Startup Weekend Sacramento attendees are strongly encouraged to attend this pre-event workshop. This will equip you will the information you need to give a successful pitch. We also invite anyone who would just like a little more information on Startup Weekend EdTech Sacramento.


This event is totally free!

If you are planning on pitching an idea at our event, it is important to be prepared!

Do some research into startup tools and best practices to get ready to rock the weekend – start with our database of resources at Make sure you get lots of rest prior to the event, and finally – tell your friends! If you plan on pitching an idea:

  • Do as much research/preparation around your idea as you feel is necessary to give a persuasive pitch and attract a team.

  • Boil the idea down to the basics: with 60 seconds, you only really have time for a hook, so pull out the most attractive key points of the idea and forget the rest.

  • Practice your pitch using a timer!

We look forward to seeing you there! RSVP